Online Lessons

color converter: online tool which HSB, RGB and Hexadecimal values and corresponding color names and hues. Drag the slider of type values into the fields to view colors and names

message generator: no time to write emails?  Quickly generate messages that show you care...

Mouseover effects: layers and behaviours in Expression Web
Video tutorial

web design:  using MS FrontPage

HTML tags:  a basic list of tags and their properties

embed windows media player: video/ audio with drop down playlist

basic multimedia using simple HTML: narrative

animation: how to make basic gif animations

indexes & tables: how to make an automatic table of contents in MS Word

access databases: create a simple address book in MS Access

mail merge: how to create a mail merge in MS Word using a database table in MS Access

powerpoint: how to create a basic slide show

Gantt chart generator:  download the generator and edit using the instructions

games: how to create a range of games

Computing History Timeline:  student project

Computing History Comparative Timeline: includes TV and US presidents

Today in History:  searchable database

Online Dictionary: searchable dictionary/thesaurus