Powerpoint Slides

Follow these instructions carefully...

  1. Go to the Start menu and start the program.

  2. Enter a title and text.

  • Bullet points work well.  

  • Keep the text to a minimum; people need to be able to read it clearly.  

  • Include only the main points and expand on them when you speak.



  1. To format the background, go to the 'format menu' and choose 'background'.

  1. A range of colours, patterns, textures, or picture backgrounds are available.  Select 'Ápply to All’ to make your colour scheme the background for all new slides. 

  1. Select ‘Slide Design’ to use a set of formatted background templates.

  1. Use ‘Ínsert’ and ‘Picture’ to insert pictures from clip art or your own files.

  1. You have now created your title slide.

  1. To add animation effects, go to the ‘Slideshow Menu’  and choose ‘Custom Animation’

  1. To animate; select any object on your slide, (text box or picture) and click ‘Ádd Effect’   A number of motion effects are available for entrance and exit of the slide.  Sounds can also be applied in this way.



* Note:  Do not get too carried away with animation and effects.  If used judiciously effects can enhance and draw attention to important points.  If over used, you will bore your audience to distraction…

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