About liamalexander.com

This website is maintained by a NSW state high school teacher.  The site design is alexander's original concept; no pre-designed templates were used (other than in features such as the forum, the gallery and moodle). 

The website has been designed with tools available to students in the computing classroom such as MS FrontPage (HTML editor) and Adobe Photoshop Elements (graphics editor).  It is hoped that the design techniques applied here serve as an inspiration to students undertaking web design projects.  The site also seeks to provide a range of learning resources.

Many sections of this site are constantly updated; new content is frequently added.  It aims to promote high standards of learning and teaching, quality education and literacy/numeracy.  This site has been designed with the following motto in mind:

"Better it is to follow one's own path, though imperfect, than to follow the path of another, well made."

Alexander is also the designer and webmaster of the Kogarah High School website.

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