About Liam Alexander

Alexander is a teacher qualified in the areas of computing, design and technology, English as a Second Language and visual arts/photography.  He teaches senior/junior computing almost exclusively, according to his preference. 

Alexander is also a musician and has played guitar with a range of musical ensembles, playing rock, blues, country and experimental music.  However, his main area of musical interest is jazz, which he performs in various Sydney venues.

Alexander is also a trained artist.  He studied at the University of Western Sydney, Sydney University and The University of NSW College of Fine Arts (COFA) and graduated with distinction in 1991.  He majored in painting, and also studied photography, drawing, printmaking, design, sound and art history/theory.  He has also undertaken extensive postgraduate studies in the fields of technology education, literacy education and linguistics. 

While Alexander still occasionally participates in exhibitions, most of his art training has been channelled into the computing field.  To see samples of his paintings and drawings, visit the gallery.

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