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Ginobili will not play for Argentina at World Cup

Spurs guard Manu Ginobili participates in an Argentina national basketball team practice, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Ginobili has expressed his intent to play for Argentina at the FIBA World Cup despite a stress fracture of the lower fibula of his right leg. It's unclear when Ginobili was injured. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)Manu Ginobili will not play for Argentina at the FIBA World Cup because of a stress fracture in his right leg that has bothered the San Antonio Spurs guard since the playoffs.

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Commonwealth Games 2014: day eight live!

A huge semi-sized shock! Rudisha leads at the bell, with Amos sitting on his shoulder. It looks as though hes in control of the race, at the head of the pack as he prefers, but his compatriot Ferguson Rotich gets in his way a little on the final bend, and though Rudisha turns up the power, hes taken his eye off the ball. Amos, coming from third at the turn, burns down the final stretch. Rudisha has a lead, but it becomes clear from a fair distance out that it wont be enough. Amos eats up the yards, zips past Rudisha, and has enough time to extend his arms out to his side in joy, his tongue falling out of his mouth, as he takes the tape! What a run by Amos!

1. Amos (BOT) 1:45.18
2. Rudisha (KEN) 1:45.48
3. Olivier (RSA) 1:46.03

The roof comes off Hampden Park again. And the action hasnt even started on this one. Its the mens 800m final, and one of the major stars of the 2012 Olympics, David Rudisha of Kenya, is accepting accolades from a knowledgable crowd. Nijel Amos of Botswana is afforded a rare old roar too, as the only man in the field whos beaten him this year. And theyre off!

The roof comes off Hampden Park! David Weir, Paralympic legend, has added Commonwealth Games gold to his stellar CV! He absolutely smoked the rest of the field, tearing clear around the final bend and holding his line so nobody could nip by on the inside. He neednt have bothered, because second-placed Kurt Fearnley was a country mile behind. Weir came home in 3:21.67, just over 1.5 seconds ahead of the silver-placed Fearnley. Alex Dupont took bronze. Its a nice feeling, says a deadpan Weir, not particularly excited - because lets face it everyone knew he would romp this - but clearly very satisfied and respectful nonetheless. It was in the back of my mind after 2012. Should I carry on? But this is the reason I carry on. I had never won this before. This is as good as London! The 2014 Commonwealth Games: a bit shit? No. No, I dont think so.

And now a few tears to mix with the rain. Shara Proctor was a gold-medal hope for the womens long jump, but as she skittered down the treacherous track to take her first leap, something went in her left leg. She pulled up, knowing instantly it was all over before it had even begun. Heartbreaking scenes as she sits on the perimeter fence at Hampden, her hood pulled over her face but the rocking of her shoulders betraying her emotional tumult. Gah. Sports just no damn good sometimes.

Gold for Australia in the womens 1,500m T54! The unfancied Angela Ballard sat on Diane Roys shoulder until the home straight, whereupon she powered past the Canadian, a perfect tactical burst. Roy had no answer, and Ballard crossed the line in 3:59.20, half a second ahead. For a while, it looked as though Englands Jade Jones would get involved in the gold medal scrap, though she was more than happy to settle for bronze, coming home in 4:00.19. A brilliant race by the 18-year-old Jones, who was beside herself with glee when interviewed by the BBC. Its really unexpected, my first senior medal! she laughed. I didnt realise a medal was in my grasp until I crossed the line! Its incredible. Heavy rain at Hampden, but theres a smile to break through the gloom.

The men have finished flinging the discus. In retrospect, it was all over when Indian favourite Vikas Shive Gowda pearled a throw of 63.64 metres with his third attempt. Early leader Apostolos Parellis had to settle for silver, 32 centimetres shy of Gowda, while Jason Morgan of Jamaica powered his way to bronze with a throw of 62.34m.

Drama in the semi-finals of the womens 800m, and its both bad and good news for the home support. In the second heat, Scotlands Emily Dudgeon was pipped for third place by Nikki Hamblin, right on the line. Her fourth spot was no good for qualification, as the first heat was faster, but that meant Dudgeons compatriot Lynsey Sharp - who appeared to have left it far too late in her run - scraped into the final, along with Jenny Meadows of England. Eunice Jepkoech Sum of Kenya was the fastest qualifier for tomorrows final, while Jessica Judd won the other race.

More breaking news! Someone has not only been reading, but also concentrating, on this blog. I know! Back around lunchtime, at 1.32pm to be precise, this report posed the following esoteric question:

Chris Boardman has just described part of Glasgows time-trial circuit as a false flat. Jonathan Wilson has got a lot to answer for. What next? An inside-out rider?

That medal table makes for some interesting reading. There are only three more days of these Games after this one, and England are currently leading the way. Australia will want to pull their collective finger out, as theyve been the leading nation at the last six Games. The last time they failed to go home with the most gold medals of any nation was the last time the Games were held in Scotland: Edinburgh XIII in 1986.

A picture of Englands latest gold medallist, Rebecca Downie, being about her business on the uneven bars ...

Breaking news: its raining in Glasgow. At a wet Hampden Park, the strapping competitors in the final of the mens discus are furiously towelling themselves down. Hot in here. The home hope Angus McInroy hasnt started particularly well, his first throw landing 53.33 metres away, in tenth place out of 12. Carl Myerscough of Blackpool has thrown 58.17m, but hes way down a field led early doors by Apostolos Parellis of Cyprus and his early fling of 63.32. Apostolos is a more statuesque monicker than Carl, isnt it. I suppose Angus would carry some cachet in the world of Highland sports.

Gold for England! Becky Downie, who has already triumphed in the team all-around, picks up her second gold of these games! She takes the honours in the uneven bars, pipping Larissa Miller of Australia and Ruby Harrold of England. To channel my inner Isla St Clair, here are the scores on the doors: 14.666, 14.566, 14.366.

Good evening. The BBC are changing channels at the moment, from their flagship BBC Television Service to the new upstart BBC2. While theyre rolling out their tasteful but not very memorable titles, here are the ones from 1986:

Well, Im going to head off now but Ill leave you in the more than capable hands of Scott Murray, who will guide you through this evenings events. But before I go, heres a bit of news about a weightlifter who got a bit feisty in the early hours.

An Australian Commonwealth Games weightlifter has been ordered to pay £400 compensation to a Welsh athlete after he admitted headbutting him. Francois Etoundi assaulted Gareth Evans, also a weightlifter, in the athletes village on Wednesday morning, Glasgow Sheriff Court heard. The assault followed an earlier verbal exchange between the pair relating to Mr Evans athlete girlfriend. Sheriff Andrew Cubie said Etoundi, 29, had brought the law of the playground into the athletes village, while his behaviour undermines the concept of the friendly games.

Flower of Scotland quivers through the air as Daniel Keatings receives his gold medal. He looks emotional, as you would I suppose. Its an emotive song, as is Auto Rock by Mogwai. In fact have a listen and then tell me you dont want to run out into the street thumping your chest like a madman in the hope of being given a gold medal in chest-thumping by a random passer-by.

Mens pommel horse final results

Gold Daniel Keatings (SCO).

Whitlocks routine is lightning quick but its not a perfect one. His legs brushed the horse and he had to rescue momentum on a couple of occasions. He scores high, 15.966, but not high enough. But well done Keatings. With all the attention on the English gymnasts he came in and played it perfect.

Now Whitlock attempts to win his fourth gold

The Scots are throwing everything they have at this pommel horse. Daniel Purvis doesnt put a hand, foot, finger or even fingernail wrong as he finds his rhythm and dismounts perfectly from a handstand. His score of 14.516 puts him in fourth. He loses points as they didnt think it was difficult enough. Unlucky.

Zi Jie Gabriel Gan of Singapore nails his effort. He doesnt have the most difficult routine but he does it blisteringly quick. He doesnt bother the top three, mind. Hes fourth.

But he wont win gold! He loses his momentum in the middle of the routine and doesnt manage to get his legs parallel quick enough. He moves into silver place with a score of 14.966. Its not what he would have wanted but he smiles away in any case and looks happy enough.

Here comes Louis Smith

Jac Davies brings his A-game too. The Welshmans routine wasnt as difficult as that of Keatings but he nailed it and goes into second place with a score of 14.800.

The Scot gives it a good go all right. Thats as clean as a whistle and difficult too, the chalk flying up off the handles as he gets his hands in position before grinning like a Cheshire cat as he lands on the mat. He knows that was good. He scores 16.058! The gold could be Scotlands unless Smith and Whitlock do something very special.

So, after the first two competitors routines Anderson Loran of Canada leads after Clinton Purnell made a mistake on his dismount. Now its Scotlands Daniel Keatings, who gets a huge roar as he prepares to give it a go

And now for Max Whitlock v Louis Smith in the pommel horse final.Thats a bit disingenuous actually. There are plenty of other brilliant gymnasts in this event, including Scotlands Daniel Keatings and Clinton Purnell of Wales, but its probably going to come down to a spin-off between these two. Smith is the grizzled old-timer (hes 25, kids) and won silver at London 2012 in this event. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Whitlock won bronzein the Olympics and is having a rare old time in Glasgow. Apparently, Smiths got a special move in his locker. Hell go off fifth with Whitlock watching everyone go before him and going last out of the eight competitors.

So Whitlock will have to win gold in the pommel final now if he hopes to outdo Fragapane.

Hang about. The 16-year-old, who is off last, lands a score of 14.766 in her first attempt and then follows it up with a wonderful vault to lift her average up to 14.633, enough to edge out Ellie Black from gold-medal position in the womens vault final. Thats her third gold of the Games, having won the All-Round title and Team Event gold earlier in the week.

Englands Kelly Simm is hanging on for a bronze medal in the womens vault final. Leading the way is Ellie Black of Canada but the events standout moment is surely the vault from Indias Dipa Karmakar, who just landed a leap with a seven-point difficulty. Now, excuse my ignorance, Im no gymnast aficionado, but it was a hugely impressive effort, in which she made three revolutions in the blink of an eye before nailing her landing and earning a score of 15.100 to lift her average score up to second place.

Youre wondering how the hockey finished earlier on arent you? Well, Australia beat Scotland 5-0 in whats called a good old fashioned thrashing. The world champions will play England in the semi-finals on Saturday.

And Englands captain, Barry Middleton, is champing at the bit

It should be fun, thats who you want to play in big tournaments. We have set our stall out over the last few years that we want to be in the big games and be in semi-finals. We are consistently making semi-finals with this group of players but we will go out there, give as good as we get, and we have belief in the team that we can beat anyone on our day.


So thats the third gold medal for Whitlock at these Games. But hes keeping his gameface on for the mens pommel final.

I need to keep focused. It gives me a lot of confidence. It makes me chill out with those three medals under my belt. Lets hope we all go clean and have good performances.

So the medal table is looking pretty healthy, if youre viewing it with English eyes and get excited about this kind of thing

So thats gold for Max Whitlock (ENG), silver for Scott Morgan (CAN) and bronze for David Bishop (NZL).

OK, well that moved on quickly didnt it? Perhaps because the cycling ate into the coverage. But the whirling, swirling, leaping, bouncing controlled technique of the 21-year-old from England was far better than any one else. Well done.

What next? Gymnastics, thats what. And its the mens floor final in which Englands Max Whitlock is the red-hot favourite. While the cycling was going on hes already aced his routine. His score of 15.533 suggests it was near-perfect and also suggests he is destined for gold.

David Millar, who finished way off the pace, says hes going to look to Sundays road race to try to go out on a high. He said he knew it was going badly for him when the TV motorbike stopped watching him very early on in his effort.

Alex Dowsett speaks:

Yeah, no one wanted that today more than I did. Silver in Delhi and not being picked for the Tour de France. I was really, really angry. And its something special. It is something special. He doesnt sound like it is, mind. Maybe hes just absolutely shot.

How did he manage that? He made 15 seconds up on Dennis in the final split, winning in a time of 47min 41.78sec. A real gutsy ride.

Here he comes head down, legs going like the clappers!

Will Englands Alex Dowsett steal gold? He needs to make up five seconds on Dennis and is putting everything into it. He looks good coming up to the final two corners

No. Thomas is knocked down to silver by the Australian, who posts a fantastic time of 47min51.08sec, four seconds clear of Thomas.

Dennis comes around the final corner and grits his teeth before launching himself into the final stretch. Has Thomas done enough?

Dowsett is five seconds off Dennis in the final split. He hasnt fallen away as you may have expected and still has a chance. Dennis is wafting left and right on his bike as he approached Glasgow Green. It may come down to which man has enough in the tank at the sprint-finish

Thomas puts his foot down as he comes into Glasgow Green and posts a time of 47min55.82sec. Hes in the gold-medal position for now but will it be enough as Dennis nears the finish?

At the 32km split Dennis posts 38min33.31sec, giving him a four-second lead over Thomas, who has entered Glasgow city centre and is careering into corners to squeeze every little second that he can out of this course.

So this looks to be a race for the three medals between Dennis, Dowsett and Thomas. This could be a close finish.

Dowsett slips into second! He lost six seconds on that part of the course. He really struggled on the undulating roads in the middle section.

But hang on, Rowan Dennis has eaten into Thomas by seven seconds. Thats a tremendous effort. How will Dowsett fare as he heads for the third split? His body shape looks the part, with very little lateral movement on the bike.

Geraint Thomas has a 30-second lead after the third split. Hes a long way clear of Jesse Sergent in second spot and has clearly made headway in the exposed part of the course.

Standings at 17.1km

A Dowsett (ENG) 20min 31.03sec, R Dennis (AUS) +7.12sec, G Thomas (WAL) +10.84sec, J Sergent (NZL) +16.56sec, L Durbridge (AUS) +32sec.

And Dowsett, who won silver in Delhi, comes through the second split with a seven-second lead. Hes flying out there. Millars not, mind. Hes 50 seconds down. Poor David.

Australias Rowan Dennis has posted the fastest time at the second split, his blue helmet flying through in a blur at 20min38.15sec, three seconds ahead of Geraint Thomas. The middle section in the exposed countryside will be the big test, however. And theres still Dowsett to come

Heres the fastest man through the first split

How the mens time-trial looks after the 6.4km split.

A Dowsett (Eng) 8min5.50sec, J Sergent (NZL) +3.59sec, L Durbridge (AUS) +4.71sec, G Thomas (WAL) +7.21sec, R Dennis (+9.77sec)

So, how will Millar and Englands Alex Dowsett fare in the first split? Dowsett flies through in a time of 8min 5sec, shaving five seconds off Sergent. But Millar is way off the pace, posting 8min 26sec after 6.5km. Its not going to be his day.

Red-hot hockey update: Its now Australia 3-0 Scotland.

And off goes the final rider, Scotlands David Millar, who is hoping for a fairytale end to his cycling career in Glasgow. He goes off like a bullet as he heads down towards Gallowgate and out to the East End. Meanwhile, Jesse Sergent of New Zealand has just shaved a few seconds off Thomass time, going through the first split in 8min8sec. Will he carry that through with him though, or was that just youthful exuberance?

Geraint Thomas has set the fastest time at the first split, posting 8min12:71sec, around five seconds faster than Canadas Svein Tuft. The Welshmans legs are perhaps not as spent as many think.

Andrew Roche, of the Isle of Man, has just gone off. Its his seventh straight Commonwealth Games. Thats some achievement. Hes 42. Blimey.

Its still 0-0 between Australia and Scotland in the mens hockey, in case you were wondering.

Right, some of the bigger names are getting ready to go in the mens time-trial. First, Michael Hepburn, the national time-trial champion of Australia, launches himself down the ramp and off into the Glasgow sunshine towards the city centre. And then its Geraint Thomass turn. The Welshman is an unknown quantity. It all depends whats left in the tank after his 23rd-place finish at the Tour de France, where he burned himself out for Richie Portes cause. But Chris Boardman reckons hes a good tip for gold. So thatll do for me.

Over at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre, Scotland are taking on the world champions Australia. Theyre currently fourth and need to win by a ridiculous amount of goals to qualify in second place ahead of India, who need to lose. That wont happen. But good luck anyway.

Janvier Hadi of Rwanda leads the mens time-trial by over 1min 30sec. Well done. His time of 54min 44.18sec is the target for the second batch of riders, who are setting off now. The course has dried somewhat since this morning too, so this group can take more risks on corners to try to shave off some time.

Gibraltas Julian Bellido is the clubhouse leader in the mens individual time-trial. The reason being that hes the first man to finish. His time is 58min 49.28sec which will be way off what the medal hopefuls will post when they go off later on.

Hows the medal table looking, you ask? Like this

The English diver Jack Laugher, who won gold in the mens 1m springboard yesterday, has qualified for the final of the 3m springboard. Take that Jason Statham.

Really happy I was able to carry on my good form this morning. Bring on the final!

Chris Boardman has just described part of Glasgows time-trial circuit as a false flat. Jonathan Wilson has got a lot to answer for. What next? An inside-out rider?

Earlier in the day, in the womens time-trial, Englands Emma Pooley was denied Commonwealth Games gold in the womens individual time trial as her penultimate race ended with silver. Heres the report:

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old London-born rider announced her intention to retire after Sundays road race, in which she will support Lizzie Armitstead.

Pooley had individual ambitions first in the 29.6km time-trial, which began and finished at Glasgow Green, and led at every time check before finishing in 42min 31.49sec.

The weather around the Glasgow time-trial circuit looks particularly changeable. Parts of the course are dry and parts of it are gathering puddles as heavy showers break out hither and thither.

So what are the highlights today? Well, David Rudisha, who spectacularly smashed the 800m world record at London 2012, runs in the 800m final tonight at 7.50pm. The womens diving preliminaries are currently under way but the final will be worth watching tonight at 7.40pm, where Englands Tonia Couch fresh from winning silver in the synchronised 10m platform yesterday will hope to add to her medal collection. She jumps in the 10m platform with Englands 13-year-old Victoria Vincent also through.

But for now the mens individual time-trial is what Ill be keeping my eye on, with Scotlands David Millar aiming to win a medal in the final season of his 17-year career. It is probably one of the biggest events of my life, Millar told Andy Bull. Especially where it is in my career. Whether it would mean so much to me if I was 18, well it would still be massively important to me, but I am 37. This is the end. His best chance is in the road race on Sunday. But who knows what extra he may get from riding on home tarmac. He goes off last, at around 2.30pm. Also, keep an eye on Geraint Thomas of Wales.

Afternoon. Well, what have we got for you today then? Loads of stuff

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A Rookie as Feisty as She Is Steady
Anna Cruz, a 27-year-old rookie for the Liberty, has become the team’s starting point guard while embodying the team’s defensive-minded focus under Coach Bill Laimbeer.

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Heroes' welcome for Germany
The streets of Berlin have turned black, red and gold as tens of thousands of flag-waving fans gather in the German capital to welcome home the nation's World Cup-winning footballers.

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Fox Sports Top Stories RSS feed merging with Breaking News
The Fox Sports Top Stories RSS feed is merging with Breaking News. Please use instead.

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Angie Ballard’s got a golden grin
ANGELA Ballard has powered home in wet and wild conditions to claim gold for Australia in the 1500m Wheelchair final..

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Sources: Love trade talks narrowed to Cavs
The Minnesota Timberwolves were engaged in serious Kevin Love trade talks with no teams other than the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, adding to the growing belief around the NBA that Love teaming up with LeBron James is inevitable, according to sources

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Red Sox Trade Jon Lester to A's and John Lackey to Cardinals - New York Times

New York Times

Red Sox Trade Jon Lester to A's and John Lackey to Cardinals
New York Times
The Oakland Athletics startled the baseball world when they signed Yoenis Cespedes, a slugging outfielder from Cuba, before the 2012 season. They made an even bigger splash when they traded him Thursday. Acting boldly to give themselves the best ...
A's-Red Sox trade deadline swap of Cespedes, Lester illustrates MLB's ...Washington Post
In wake of Lester, Lackey trades, what are Red Sox up to?Boston Globe
It's Tough to See Jon Lester Go, but Acquiring Yoenis Cespedes is a Fascinating
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Giants series wrap-up
Baseball is weird.  The first two games of both series on this road trip ended with fairly surprising results, and both series finales were weird, back-and-forth contests that ended with a team salvaging one win. Losing two in Colorado stunk, but getting the Sunday victory was a nice boost. This San Francisco series was the opposite […]

Baseball is weird.  The first two games of both series on this road trip ended with fairly surprising results, and both series finales were weird, back-and-forth contests that ended with a team salvaging one win. Losing two in Colorado stunk, but getting the Sunday victory was a nice boost. This San Francisco series was the opposite – the Pirates got two great wins but lost in maddening fashion on Wednesday.

Josh Harrison continues to blow my mind. Four games in a row with a homer…all after many (myself included) proclaimed him to be cooling off early on in the Colorado series. Nope…the magic continues. Even with his throwing issues and underperformance at the plate, it’s disappointing to see Pedro on the bench against righty pitchers….but there’s no doubt JHay is the guy that needs to be in there right now. Travis Snider has also kept Pedro on the bench by picking up the act in the outfield, since Starling Marte isn’t ready to come off the DL yet. This was a pretty nice series overall at the plate for the Pirates, although they did go quiet late in each game after busting out early. Still, that’s nitpicking…and so is complaining about an Andrew McCutchen slump…how long can that last?

Vance Worley and Francisco Liriano delivered two huge starts. Worley was simply phenomenal, as his strike-throwing approach worked to perfection against a light hitting Giants team for a 100 pitch shutout. He joins Volquez as the only two Bucs to go the distance this year, and becomes the first to throw a shutout. Again, who would have predicted that? Vanimal is slotted in Gerrit Cole‘s spot (Cole has at least one more rehab start to go, but is lined up to pitch on the same day as Worley), so it will be interesting to see what happens if he continues to pitch like this. And Frankie…that was the first time in quite a while we really saw the 2013 “ace” version of Liriano. Swings and misses galore, no huge control lapses, just so refreshing to see.

And then….the Wednesday loss. This was such a dumb game in so many ways. Charlie Morton wasn’t too sharp, but also suffered from a ton of infield hits and soft bleeders. Chris Stewart was brutal behind the plate. The bullpen wasn’t able to shut things down. And don’t even get me started about “the” baserunning mistake – I’m pretty sure that’s the worst one I have ever seen, and it was obviously super-costly.  Sometimes we over-use the wonderful acronym TOOTBLAN, but this has already earned a spot in the TOOTBLAN Hall of Fame.

Now we wait for trade talk with the 4 PM Thursday deadline. Will Jon Lester be in black and gold by the end of the day? I still have a hard time envisioning it but the discussions appear to be heating up. I unfortunately won’t be able to keep things updated on the site until late Thursday night, but as always, Twitter will have the latest info.

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