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Garcia won't fall apart if he never wins a major

Sergio Garcia of Spain hits a shot during a practice round prior to the 2016 PGA Championship on July 26, 2016Sergio Garcia makes his 73rd career major start Thursday at the PGA Championship still searching for his first major title, a trophy that has eluded him for 20 years. "If it doesn't happen, it's not going to change my life," Garcia said Wednesday. Tenth-ranked Garcia tees off Thursday afternoon at 7,428-yard Baltusrol in his 70th consecutive major dating to the 1999 British Open, this time alongside two-time major winner and world number three Jordan Spieth of the United States and his sixth-ranked countryman Bubba Watson, a two-time Masters champion.

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Kevin Durant all smiles with Team USA in first game at new home arena

  • Durant scores 13 points in first game at Oracle Arena
  • USA rolls to 107-57 win over China in exhibition game

Kevin Durant did something he hasn’t done in what feels like years: he smiled more than he scored.

Playing at Oracle Arena on Tuesday for the first time since announcing he was signing with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent, Durant had a stellar performance with the USA basketball team in an exhibition against China. He was greeted by a sea of fans wearing his new blue and gold jerseys and more than 30 seconds of applause after he was called to the court.

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N.F.L.-Backed Youth Program Says It Reduced Concussions. The Data Disagrees.
The Heads Up Football program has been sold to youth football leagues and parents as statistically proven to reduce injuries, but a review of the evidence tells a different story.

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Doping scandal 'will taint everything we see'
As the fall-out continues in the Russian doping scandal, CNN speaks to key figures surrounding the Olympics to ask if they can keep the faith with the public.

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Fox Sports Top Stories RSS feed merging with Breaking News
The Fox Sports Top Stories RSS feed is merging with Breaking News. Please use instead.

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Russian bans ‘pure discrimination’: Putin
RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has declared the athletes banned from the Olympics were victims of a campaign to present Russian sports in a bad light.

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What it's like to retire from the NFL
What it's like to retire from the NFL

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DeMar DeRozan almost caused an international incident - SB Nation

SB Nation

DeMar DeRozan almost caused an international incident
SB Nation
Good morning. Let's basketball. AND ANOTHER ONE: Team USA didn't play particularly sharp basketball in Oakland on Tuesday, yet beat China by 50 in an exhibition. I'm starting to think China is going to have trouble winning games in the Olympic ...
DeMar DeRozan almost connects on 360 (blog)
WATCH: DeMar DeRozan tries to put down a 360 contested
DeMar DeRozan Almost Had One Of The Greatest Dunks Of All TimeHuffington Post
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The new status quo
It’s been a while since I checked in on here, but it’s almost a little weird well how my general thoughts in the previous post have held up. In short: The Good: OBP The Bad: Pitching depth (and the Cubs being really really good). A month and a half later, the Pirates are leading the […]

It’s been a while since I checked in on here, but it’s almost a little weird well how my general thoughts in the previous post have held up. In short:

The Good: OBP

The Bad: Pitching depth (and the Cubs being really really good).

A month and a half later, the Pirates are leading the league in OBP and are scoring plenty of runs as a result. The pitching may be coming around a little bit lately, but it would still be a stretch to call it anything but shaky. And the Cubs are still looking very tough.

It’s a little weird, honestly. We’re now living in a world where the Pirate offense – not pitching – is carrying them, and the Cubs – not the Cards – are public enemy #1. Things could change, but for now, the Pirates seem to have leapfrogged St Louis – but the Cubs leapfrogged both. So we appear to be headed for another summer of trying to close a semi-healthy deficit against a division opponent while dreading falling back on a wild card matchup with an inferior team with a superior ace pitcher. There are worse fates, I keep telling myself (we lived it for 20 years), but that’s still getting a little old.

Some other notes and thoughts on where things stand, and the first two months of the season:

  • Of course the number one hot topic around the team right now is the Indianapolis pitching cavalry that should provide some much needed help to a very iffy big league rotation. I’m very, very excited to see Jameson Taillon, who has checked pretty much any box in Indianapolis anyone could hope for…now it appears to just be a waiting game for the dreaded Super Two to pass. Sigh. The only good thing about that (besides the team saving money down the road, which, well, you know) is that the Pirates can afford to be extremely conservative with Taillon’s pitch count before he comes up. Innings and workload will be limited for the year at some point with his prized arm coming off two seasons of injuries. (That’s why I’d have liked to have used more of those limited innings at the MLB level this year, but now the Pirates have gotten so close to the Super Two point – sometime in early June – that they almost have to wait it out.)
  • Tyler Glasnow is the bigger arm and more eye popping prospect then Taillon, but if you read some of the reports, I’ll buy the idea that he actually does need some more work – notably on a changeup. Maybe he’d help the bullpen, or be a Juan Nicasio equivalent as a starter, but the Pirates probably don’t want that for his development.
  • Chad Kuhl, on the other hand, probably has a much lower upside but is pitching too well in Indy to ignore. He has to be getting awfully close to getting a look in the majors as well.
  • When one or more of those three reach the majors, I’m very enthusiastic about the bullpen’s chances to be much improved when Nicasio slides from the rotation to the pen. As a two pitch guy who dominates with hard stuff and not “pitchability”, he would just fit so much better in a role where he could go all out and only have to face a set of hitters once in a game.
  • The bullpen desperately needs that help – and more. It’s probably going to be the number one point of emphasis once we creep in to trade talk time – but hey, why wait?
  • I have very few, if any, complaints about the status of pretty much all the position players – starters and bench. It’s a very good offense. Heck, the biggest disappointment to this point has been McCutchen, who I’m not going to worry about.
  • How good is that Gregory Polanco extension looking? Really, really, really freaking good.
  • The Francisco Cervelli extension is nice, too – if only because the catching situation after this year was looking very dicey. It was pretty much going to be Elias Diaz (who is unproven and hurt) or bust. Cervelli offers plenty of stability (and likability).
  • Jung Ho Kang post-injury update: Still the man. I was concerned about how he’d look  – not only coming back from the awful injury, but also adjusting in his second year in the league – but so far he has not missed a beat. And with the depth (mostly provided by Freese), it isn’t a problem that he has to sit once a series or so.
  • I think most of us were expecting an improved version of Jon Niese, compared to what he did in New York. Instead he has been worse. If he can just get back to that level – which you’d think he should eventually – just a league average pitcher – it would help quite a bit, and the value for Neil Walker would be just fine. If not, well, he (and/or Jeff Locke) might be losing a rotation spot if those Indy pitchers keep knocking on the door.

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