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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne (87) runs away from New York Giants' Jayron Hosley (28) for a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)Your Top Plays for Today: AP's Sports Guide

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NCAA basketball: Navy women beat American, earn first NCAA tournament bid
Navy seniors Angela Myers and Cassie Consedine were the first to embrace at center court following a 47-40 victory over American in the Patriot League final Saturday at Alumni Hall. Their improbable journey from the depths of the league standings four seasons ago to champions was complete, and ah...

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Ireland v South Africa: Cricket World Cup 2015 – live! | Dan Lucas and Simon Burnton

44th over: South Africa 347-4 (Miller 21, Rossouw 24) O’Brien come on for Mooney and after an exchange of singles, Rossouw hoiks it behind square leg for four. Oh and this is ridiculous, Miller dummies to reverse, then pulls back and thumps a full-toss through mid-wicket for four more.

43rd over: South Africa 336-4 (Miller 20, Rossouw 14) More spin in the last 10 overs. Hmm. Stirling it is and Miller looks to swivel-pull him round the corner, gets a bottom edge and the ball trickling to the fine-leg boundary for four. Rossouw then sweeps to the same region for three. Nothing’s going Ireland’s way now, as Miller gets three more from a thick outside edge down to third man. 13 from the over.

43rd over: South Africa 323-4 (Miller 16, Rossouw 5) Mooney now and Rossouw gets a single, before Miller knocks it down the ground then into the on-side for a pair of twos. These two aren’t going to go mad just yet, I wouldn’t have thought. Another single, a chipped two to Rossouw into the on-side and then a front-foot no-ball from Mooney, who doesn’t look particularly happy at the prospect of the free-hit. Miller is on strike and clears the mid-wicket boundary! That’s ruined a good over from Mooney.

Miller and Rilee both have strike rate overwhelmingly high for ODI 99 and 105 respectively #IREvSA

42nd over: South Africa 307-4 (Miller 5, Rossouw 1) What an innings that was from Amla after being dropped on 10. David Miller isn’t a bad player to have coming in to smack it around at the death, mind. De Villiers turns it square for a couple, but then goes! Two new men at the crease, both fast-scoring big-hitters, but McBrine has done excellently in this over, slamming the brakes on in the most effective manner. Miller gets four with a sweep to square leg off the final ball, but that’s a very good over, going for just eight.

Geoff Foley did send this email before this over: “It seems to me, and many actual commentators, that the death bowling in the tournament so far as been pretty rubbish as a general rule. I know this is only the Irish today but teams with better credentials have been poor too. Is it just a symptom of the pitches served up or a more general indication of this generation’s lack of bowling ability?”

The danger man goes! He brings out the reverse sweep, looking for six, doesn’t get hold of it and can only pick out Niall O’Brien on the edge of the circle at point.

There’ll be no double for Amla then. The bat twists slightly in the hand as he goes for the big hit and this time Joyce, at long-off, takes the catch.

41st over: South Africa 299-2 (Amla 159, De Villers 22) 380 should be the target for South Africa here, at least. Amla takes a couple into the off-side off O’Brien to move to 150 followed by a hook for four to move to his highest ODI score. Wide and full next ball and timed brilliantly past Stirling at backward point. De Villiers then launches a shot that we would once have thought ordinary, but now seems de rigeur, over extra cover for six more.

“They’re looking for another 200 off the last 10 overs, aren’t they?” writes Karl in Melbourne. “Still, let’s keep the Associates in, right? I did think it was a little premature to talk up the lesser nations, when they mostly haven’t played the favourites yet. Beating an out of sorts West Indies is one thing, but facing India and South Africa (or Australia) looking for form is clearly another.”

40th over: South Africa 280-2 (Amla 148, De Villers 14) Dockrell replaces Mooney; he’s bowled pretty well without really threatening so far. Then again, he hasn’t had to bowl to de Villiers yet. AB backs away and carves the first ball over cover for four, then sweep-slogs inches beyond the grasp of deep square-leg – so close to a brilliant catch from the diving McBrine, who was late picking it up, but instead it’s a six. A full-toss is then driven to extra cover for two more and a wild slash to the same region both bewilders the cameraman and brings one more. Then a chest-high full-toss, oddly not called as a no-ball, is slammed to the mid-on fence for four by Amla. One more from the final ball of the powerplay and 69 have come from it.

39th over: South Africa 262-2 (Amla 143, De Villers 1) O’Brien to Du Plessis and the keeper, stood up, very nearly takes a bat to the face as the batsman misses out with a ramp. Faf goes for the scoop after that to deep fine leg, where Dockrell does well to reel it back in and keep them to three. A single brings Du Plessis back on strike, and he misses out trying to smear a yorker into the on-side. That brings a fine innings to an end and brings AB de Villiers to the crease. He starts with a dance down the track and a dab to third man, then Amla dashes through for a well-run couple off the final ball. Just seven from the over – good comeback from KOB.

Gone! A perfect yorker from O’Brien and he hits the base of middle and leg.

38th over: South Africa 255-1 (Amla 140, Du Plessis 106) Mooney is back on and Gary Wilson is standing up to the stumps to him. Amla chips down the ground, but Joyce comes around from long-off to keep him down to two. No chance for the fielder on the next ball though as Mooney tries the slower bouncer and Amla goes back in his crease and hooks it over square leg for four. Oh and then a horrible high-full toss, above waist-height so a no ball and carved over cover for four. Amla steadies himself and swipes the next one over square for his third six; Mooney doesn’t have the pace to trouble him. Another boundary from the penultimate ball, deliberately sliced over backward point and down to third man. And finally over extra cover for six more! 27 from the over.

37th over: South Africa 228-1 (Amla 114, Du Plessis 106) Conference time for Ireland as Kevin O’Brien comes back into the attack. 21 came from his first two overs.

@DanLucas86 A friend did an analysis suggesting good teams are now reaching half their 50 over score by over 32. 388 for SA than? #CWC15

36th over: South Africa 215-1 (Amla 107, Du Plessis 100) Powerplay time. This could be fun. Dockrell continues, surprisingly; I’d have thought the hitherto excellent Moody might be on to apply the breaks, but then I guess Porterfield would then be short on death bowlers. It’s very good from Dockrell, at least keeping the scoring rate down. Du Plessis nudges one square on the on-side and scampers through for the single that takes him to his hundred. Good over from Dockrell though; four from it.

35th over: South Africa 211-1 (Amla 105, Du Plessis 98) So, the final over before the powerplay and Stirling will bowl it. 0-47 from his seven overs so far and he’s been unspectacularly leaky. A mix-up in the middle and Amla is stranded halfway down the pitch with the ball in the keeper’s hands, but Wilson throws it miles over Stirling’s head with Amla scrambling back to the non-striker’s end. Ireland’s fielding hasn’t been great today.

34th over: South Africa 206-1 (Amla 103, Du Plessis 95) Dockrell back now and the batsmen milk him for four singles.

33rd over: South Africa 202-1 (Amla 101, Du Plessis 93) Du Plessis begins with a single to mid-on to give Amla the strike. Dropped on 10 by Joyce, the opener pushes calmly to mid-off to bring up his 20th ODI tonne and become the fastest player ever to reach the landmark. By some way, in fact: the previous record-holder, Virat Kohli, took 133 innings, Amla has done it in his 108th. Du Plessis ends the over with a boundary, hammered over long-off to bring up the 200

32nd over: South Africa 194-1 (Amla 99, Du Plessis 87) “Which batsman is most important for South Africa?” asks the Sky Sports poll. David Miller is actually an option. Poor David Miller. Amla turns a single to square leg to move to 99. Du Plessis then backs away, looking to hit through the off-side, but McBrine follows him well and doesn’t allow the batsman enough room. Just four from the over.

31st over: South Africa 190-1 (Amla 97, Du Plessis 85) This is now South Africa’s highest ever second-wicket stand in World Cups: 172 in as many balls. You get the feeling they’re just saving themselves for the powerplay now, because this is really boring. Oh, no, Du Plessis chips firmly, high over extra cover for four, bouncing a foot or so inside the rope.

30th over: South Africa 181-1 (Amla 94, Du Plessis 79) A change of ends for McBrine then as Porterfield tries to find something, anything, to break this partnership. Mark Nicholas is asking Shaun Pollock about South Africa choking and I cannot describe how awkward it is listening to him try avoid the c-word. Pollock is probably thinking of another c-word to describe Nicholas.

29th over: South Africa 176-1 (Amla 91, Du Plessis 77) Stirling returns in place of McBrine. Amla looks to slap him through cover, but Kevin O’Brien pulls off an outstanding one-handed stop at cover. Amla tries again next ball and O’Brien repeats the trick. Amla goes into the 90s.

28th over: South Africa 172-1 (Amla 89, Du Plessis 75) Du Plessis steps back and lifts a cover drive, over the top off the back foot but doesn’t quite get his placement right and can’t find the boundary. Just three from the over and this is a good comeback from Ireland’s spinners. It’s important they don’t let South Africa get a stratospheric total, given how easily fourth place in this pool could come down to net run rate.

27th over: South Africa 169-1 (Amla 89, Du Plessis 72) According to Sky’s poll, 70% of voters think that South Africa will finish second in Pool B. “What time is it in Mumbai?” asks Athers, wryly. Du Plessis gets a couple with the scoop over the shoulder in a pretty sedate over.

#Ire have been very disappointing. Spinners have been too short or too flat. Sorensen struggling in a big way. #SavsIre #CWC15

26th over: South Africa 163-1 (Amla 87, Du Plessis 68) Eight-an-over from here gets 360; I doubt anyone would be surprised if South Africa made 400 for the second game on the spin. Dockrell comes back into the attack for poor old Sorensen now. Singles from the first and fourth balls bring up the 150 partnership, but only three come from the over and the left-armer can be pleased with the way he put the brakes on there.

25th over: South Africa 160-1 (Amla 85, Du Plessis 67) If South Africa are in the mood this early, with De Villiers to come, this could get nasty. Du Plessis sweeps McBrine’s first ball hard for four. The way these two have seized the initiative to really ramp up the pressure on Porterfield is very impressive.

24th over: South Africa 152-1 (Amla 83, Du Plessis 61) Six! Good length, outside off from Sorensen but Amla comes forward and lofts it high over mid-on. Oh and the next one is even better: an identical delivery elegantly lifted over extra cover for another six! This is a horror show for Sorensen as he drops short and wide and gets cut to point for four more. Amla pushes down the ground for a single, much to the bowler’s relief. And the moment I write that, Du Plessis steps down the track and launches it straight back over the bowler’s head for another six. The final ball is pushed for a single to make it 24 from the over. Sorensen has figures of 4-0-51-0.

23rd over: South Africa 128-1 (Amla 66, Du Plessis 54) Amla looks to loft McBrine over the top of long-on, but doesn’t quite get hold of it and finds the fielder. Over mid-wicket he goes with the next ball, but the boundary fielder again runs round and cuts it off. Four singles followed by two dots.

22nd over: South Africa 124-1 (Amla 64, Du Plessis 52) Sorensen, who sent down six wides in his opening, two-over, spell, returns. Amla likes the look of him and steps down the ground to a good length ball and clubs it off the front foot, past the diving mid-off fielder and down to the boundary. He cracks the next one over cover but picks out the fielder, so it’s just a single, but Amla looks in the mood to take advantage of Joyce’s drop earlier. Six from the over and you fancy South Africa to get 350-plus from here.

21st over: South Africa 118-1 (Amla 59, Du Plessis 51) Ireland are absolutely racing through the overs here. Better, this one for McBrine as it goes for just three.

20th over: South Africa 115-1 (Amla 57, Du Plessis 50) Stirling comes back into the attack and again it’s short and pulled over mid-wicket for a boundary by Faf. The next ball is worked for a single down the ground and that brings up the 100 partnership from 107 balls. Amla takes one down the ground himself, then Du Plessis cuts a wide one out to point for the single that brings up his fifty.

19th over: South Africa 107-1 (Amla 55, Du Plessis 44) This is so serene it might as well be directed by Sofia Coppola. Du Plessis’s thick outside edge for three down to third man the highlight of this over.

18th over: South Africa 102-1 (Amla 54, Du Plessis 40) Short again from Dockrell and Du Plessis pulls it over mid-wicket for four more, off the back foot, to bring up the 100. Then it takes an excellent diving stop at point by McBrine to keep a punchy Amla cut from flying away for four more. Six from the over.

17th over: South Africa 96-1 (Amla 53, Du Plessis 35) A new bowler into the attack: Andy McBrine. He finds a soupçon of turn but drops short and gets cut to backward point, where a good sliding stop by Porterfield restricts Amla to three. Nonetheless, those three take him to his 29th ODI fifty. The batsmen exchange singles, then Du Plessis sends a deliberate edge down to third man for three more. One off the final ball of the over.

16th over: South Africa 87-1 (Amla 48, Du Plessis 31) Dockrell drags his first two balls short. The first he gets away with as Amla pushes it for one, but the second is a horrible delivery that Du Plessis hoicks over mid-wicket for four. Dockrell should have extra runs added against his name on aesthetic grounds for that. Time for drinks.

15th over: South Africa 80-1 (Amla 46, Du Plessis 26) Short and wide from Stirling and Amla cuts with a lovely whippy action behind point for four. Three further singles from the over and South Africa ease to 80.

14th over: South Africa 73-1 (Amla 40, Du Plessis 25) Amla gets a couple of freebies as he plays it back to Dockrell, the ball catches a ridge on the ground and it spins away from the bowler. A yes-no moment after a good sharp stop at cover has hearts in mouths, but Amla turns and gets back at the non-striker’s end safely.

13th over: South Africa 70-1 (Amla 37, Du Plessis 25) Faf nearly gets himself into a spot of bother, stepping outside off and looking to shovel the ball over his shoulder with the premeditated shot but only successfully playing it into his own body. The batsmen jog a single then Amla slaps inelegantly through extra cover for a couple. He repeats the effort next ball, but connects with naught but air.

@DanLucas86 At the risk of stating the flipping obvious, Ireland need three wickets here.

12th over: South Africa 66-1 (Amla 34, Du Plessis 24) Dockrell to continue. He looks to have adjusted his length here, bowling much fuller. Just the two singles from the over.

11th over: South Africa 64-1 (Amla 33, Du Plessis 23) A dual spin attack then, as Paul Stirling comes on for Mooney. Amla nearly takes his batting partner out with a push down the ground that bounces surprisingly high, past Du Plessis’s face. Ooh and then Du Plessis flashes at one with an angled bat and edges it between Wilson and O’Brien at slip! Probably the keeper’s, that one, but it runs away for four.

10th over: South Africa 57-1 (Amla 31, Du Plessis 18) Mooney’s figures are now 5-2-9-1; O’Brien’s and Sorensen’s combined are 4-0-42-0. Which means another change at this end and it’s the spinner Dockrell into the attack. It’s a bit short from the left-armer and Du Plessis steps back and hammers the second ball of the over through point for four. That plus two singles from the over and that’s a decent enough powerplay for South Africa. For Ireland, John Mooney has carried his side through those 10 overs.

9th over: South Africa 51-1 (Amla 30, Du Plessis 13) Du Plessis begins the over with a punch off the back foot to mid-on for a couple that raise the team 50. Four dots follow, although the fourth of those is a touch fortunate – a full toss that was driven straight at short cover. Du Plessis turns the final ball of the over to mid-wicket for one.

8th over: South Africa 48-1 (Amla 30, Du Plessis 10) The first ball of the over is overpitched and driven straight back past the bowler for another four by Amla, who moves to 25 off 24 despite playing out a maiden in the first over. After an exchange of singles, another overpitched delivery is creamed through cover for four more. Sorensen couldn’t find his line and now O’Brien is struggling with his length.

7th over: South Africa 38-1 (Amla 21, Du Plessis 9) Mooney drops slightly short and Amla pulls for a single, but this is so accurate from the bowler. He’s bowling from very wide on the crease, everything is full and angled into off-stump. Du Plessis then steps across, about a foot outside off-stump and when Mooney follows him the bowler is displeased to be called for a wide. Still, just two from the over.

6th over: South Africa 36-1 (Amla 20, Du Plessis 9) After an expensive start, Sorensen is hooked in favour of Kevin O’Brien, and from his first ball he has Amla dropped! The batsman whipped it off middle stump, hard to short mid-wicket where it went into Joyce’s hands and out again! The batsmen exchange singles, before Amla wristily cuts a wide one through point for four. Oh and then the final ball, overpitched, is driven gloriously through cover for another boundary.

5th over: South Africa 25-1 (Amla 10, Du Plessis 8) The first runs off Mooney as he goes a touch too straight to Du Plessis and the batsman turns him square for a couple. The bowler comes back well though getting one to shape away and beat Faf’s outside edge. Another single down to fine leg and then Amla nudges the final ball for one more.

Karl in Melbourne isn’t impressed with Ireland’s decision to go with three spinners. “Srsly? have you seen the size of that ground? It’s super small! Are they for real?”

4th over: South Africa 21-1 (Amla 9, Du Plessis 5) Sorensen begins with another wide – his fourth already. Amla then drives off the front foot to deep backward point for a single, before Sorensen sends down wide number five, this time on the off-side. And then a sixth down leg. He gets his line right from the third legal ball, but Du Plessis caresses it nicely through extra cover for four. Mooney’s excellent work is being undone by Sorensen’s lack of control at the moment: the latter has figures of 2-0-21-0.

3rd over: South Africa 12-1 (Amla 8, Du Plessis 0) The ball that did for De Kock didn’t do much at all, it was just a great line with only the tiniest bit of deviation and the batsman just closed his bat ever so slightly to continue his poor World Cup. In fact replays show that was the off-cutter. Du Plessis is the new man and he’s watchful. Another maiden and Mooney has outstanding figures to start: 2-2-0-1.

In contrast to Sorensen, Mooney is right on the money and after two more dots, he gets one to leave De Kock. There’s a noise and they opt to review after it’s given not out. It just moved away from the left-hander off the pitch and it looks like an edge to me. There’s only the faintest flicker on snicko, but it’s pretty clear to the naked eye. Yep he’s gone! Great start for Ireland and Mooney.

2nd over: South Africa 12-0 (Amla 8, De Kock 1) Max Sorensen has the other new ball and he starts with a wide to the left-handed De Kock, swinging down the leg-side to get South Africa off the mark. The batsman then turns Sorensen’s first legal delivery to square off his pads for a single, before the bowler gets one to swing too far away from the right-hander on the off-side for another wide. Amla gets off the mark with a crunching on-drive for four. Another wide outside off and Sorensen is struggling to find his line here. Another wide one and Amla flashes his drive in the air, just past Porterfield at point and away for four more.

1st over: South Africa 0-0 (Amla 0, De Kock 0) With his luminous baggy tracksuit and day-glo headband, John Mooney looks like someone going to a Stone Roses gig. Anywho, he’s opening the bowling here to Amla. Wide on the crease and angled into the right-hander with two slips in place. Amla blocks out the first three then looks to push the fourth down the ground, but can’t drive it cleanly. He clips the fifth straight to the man at mid-on, then Mooney cuts off a straight drive from the final ball to make it a maiden.

Dale Steyn is also due some congratulations: this is his 100th ODI. He really does have terrible hair though.

“Olympic swimmers can only manage 5mph over a short burst; even a blue shark can easily do 25mph,” adds Mike Lyle. “So no there will almost certainly never be a boy faster than a shark.”

Consider yourself told, Keenan.


Huge congratulations to my long time team mate @KevinOBrien113 on becoming Ireland's most capped player today! #welldeserved #BackingGreen

“Morning!” writes the oddly chirpy Mike Lyle. It’s 3.20am, Mike! “Ireland are looking at sending down about 30 overs of spin, if it does not spin we are in big trouble! Dockrell, McBrine and Sterling could all get thru ten each. Only 2 and half seamers as far as i can see in O’Brien, Mooney and Sorensen. So not exactly a strong seam attack, I think we all wanted Ireland to bat first.” The pundits think the additional spinner could be because the pitch is a bit slower than the Gabba.

Sky Sports are asking the important questions: In this case, how would AB de Villiers do against Joel Garner? After the break: will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

Ireland: WTS Porterfield*, PR Stirling, EC Joyce, NJ O’Brien, A Balbirnie, GC Wilson†, KJ O’Brien, JF Mooney, MC Sorensen, GH Dockrell, AR McBrine

William Porterfield and De Villiers stroll out to the middle with Mark Nicholas. De Villiers wins it and South Africa will bat first. They are unchanged: JP Duminy still not fit for this one.

Also, we are about to watch Kevin O’Brien and ABdV play in the same match!

Weather news: It’s dry but cloudy and fairly warm. The pitch is dry but, according to Matthew Hayden, flat and unlikely to offer any swing. It’s a big ground this with plenty of twos and threes on offer for batsmen who like to nurdle it around. Toss coming any minute now.

Morning folks. Played two, won two. A one hundred per cent record so far in the World Cup, exactly as we pundits predicted and it’s going swimmingly for the men in green. Their opening bowlers rocked the West Indies’ top order before their batsmen chased down 300+ with ease, then they held their nerve to beat a team full of players from the subcontinent in a thriller.

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Iditarod Start Is Moved
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race will begin a couple of hundred feet north in Fairbanks, Alaska, and start on land, rather than on a frozen river, on March 9.

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England footballer 'arrested in sex probe'
England footballer Adam Johnson has been suspended by his club Sunderland until a police investigation has been completed, the Press Association reported Monday.

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Chelsea claims first trophy of season
Chelsea claimed the first silverware of the English domestic season and Jose Mourinho's first trophy of his second spell in charge with a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley Sunday.

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Nadal closes on clay title record
Rafael Nadal lifted his first trophy since last year's French Open and for good measure equaled a long-standing ATP Tour record Sunday by claiming the Argentina Open crown.

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Federer beats Djokovic in Dubai
A ruthless Roger Federer confidently dispatched World No 1. Novak Djokovic 6-3 7-5 to take the Dubai Championships Saturday in little over one hour and 36 minutes.

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Ronaldo 30th but Real held
Cristiano Ronaldo reached 30 La Liga goals for the season but could not prevent Villarreal from grabbing a share of the points in the Bernabeu Sunday in an entertaining 1-1 draw.

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Football team humiliated 10-0
Everything was going to plan for Cowdenbeath during its Scottish Championship clash with table-topping Heart of Midlothian Saturday.

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Hamilton fastest in F1 testing
Reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton was the fastest man on the tracks during the second last day of pre-season testing Saturday.

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Barcelona close La Liga gap
Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez combined to ensure Barcelona returned to winning La Liga ways by overcoming lowly Granada 3-1 Saturday on a far from perfect pitch at the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes.

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Nibali's Tour defense in limbo
Vincenzo Nibali's defense of his Tour de France crown is in doubt after the UCI requested Friday that the Italian's Astana team has its WorldTour license withdrawn.

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Alonso "making solid recovery"
Formula One star Fernando Alonso is on the road to recovery after a 150kph crash on Sunday.

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Shiffrin claims slalom gold
U.S. teenager Mikaela Shiffrin successfully defended her slalom title at the Alpine World Ski Championships in Beaver Creek, Colorado, Saturday by the slimmest of margins.

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Boxing's biggest payday
Andy Scholes looks at the media hype and huge paydays Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will have leading up to their May 2, 2015 fight.

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How long can you survive in freezing water?
Mainsail's Shirley Robertson goes through simulators that showcase the danger sailors face in competition.

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Golf stars and sponsors flock to Abu Dhabi
CNN's Living Golf travels to the Golf states where some of the world's best golf courses attract the world's best golfers.

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Is this the future of golf?
CNN's Living Golf travels to Qatar to find out how technology could help elite sport stars.

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Japan's rise to racing prominence
Winning Post travels to one of the largest training centers in Japan to see how this nation is rising to racing prominence

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What's special about F1 car design?
The Sauber team sliced their Formula One car in half to help explain the special layout of their car.

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Equestrian world's biggest moments
2014 was a year when new stars were crowned and a superstar of the sport made a comeback. CNN's Max Foster reports.

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Fox Sports Top Stories RSS feed merging with Breaking News
The Fox Sports Top Stories RSS feed is merging with Breaking News. Please use instead.

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What Hayne needs to know about SF
JARRYD Hayne admits he has never been to San Francisco, so this is what he needs to know ahead of his move to the spiritual home of Joe Montana.

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Heat's Bosh out for season with blood clots
Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh will miss at least the remainder of the season after developing blood clots on one of his lungs, the team announced Saturday.

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Texans' Release of Andre Johnson Is Unpleasant but Best for Both Sides - Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report

Texans' Release of Andre Johnson Is Unpleasant but Best for Both Sides
Bleacher Report
That harshness is playing out right now in Houston, where the Texans are about to part ways with a player who has been one of the faces of the franchise over the past decade. However, once you peel away the sentiment, the cold hard truth is that the release ...
Andre Johnson ready to move on from TexansUSA TODAY
Texans star Andre Johnson asks to be traded or (blog)
Andre Johnson wants off TexansESPN (subscription) (blog)
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News and notes: Game time
The spring training action is heating up, and it’s finally time for some game action – the annual intrasquad scrimmage took place on Monday and then Grapefruit League play begins on Tuesday as the Bucs take on the Blue Jays (and our old buddy Russell Martin). Even before the games got started, there was no shortage of storylines […]

The spring training action is heating up, and it’s finally time for some game action – the annual intrasquad scrimmage took place on Monday and then Grapefruit League play begins on Tuesday as the Bucs take on the Blue Jays (and our old buddy Russell Martin). Even before the games got started, there was no shortage of storylines over the past week:

The Andrew McCutchen extension talk, however, is not one of them in my eyes. It’s caught on as a hot topic around the ‘Burgh over the past few days, but to me this is something that came out of the early spring stage where all the writers are in one spot, doing lots of interviews, desperately looking to generate content out of what–in actuality–is very little relevant material. I don’t blame them because it has clearly worked in this case, but I’m sorry – there is no way a McCutchen extension is happening any time soon, and to even be talking about it now is ridiculous. He has already been extended once and is under contract through 2018, when he’ll be 31. Obviously he has significantly outperformed that contract to date. While it sounds nice to think he should get a pay bump for that, it’s simply not how these things work…these things go both ways – the Pirates can’t suddenly stop paying Jose Tabata since he’s been a big disappointment. I love Cutch as much as anyone, probably a lot more than most. Of course I want to see him as a Pirate forever, and I’m not willing to give up hope on that…but it’s not time to make that decision yet – this far down the road when his value as at its absolute highest. Now if he’s willing to talk about another possible big-time bargain of a really long-term deal in order to get a decent pay bump for his prime years, then I’d perk up….but I highly doubt McCutchen would entertain that possibility.

Moving on – and speaking of Tabata, who has become sort of a forgotten man now with the “Dream Outfield” in place… he talked with his former teammate (and current Cincinnati Red) Marlon Byrd about getting more lift on his swing. Here’s some evidence of the result in BP, and Tabata had the game winning sac-fly in Monday’s scrimmage.

The Jung-Ho Kang Korean media circus is getting a little crazier:

It’s been interesting to hear about the media and team’s various interactions with Kang and how he is “fitting in.” Let’s just say the reaction has been…mixed…and I think certain local media have a semi-prejudice against him because of what he may mean for the future of a certain second baseman. It’s something to watch going forward. The spring games are utterly meaningless for most, but lots of eyes will be on Kang to see if he can hold his own, both at the plate and in the field. So far it seems like things are going just fine.   

Get ready to walk through metal detectors while entering PNC Park this season – no more half-hearted wand scans as you shuffle towards the gate.

It was very cool to read about how the Pirates studied the Warriors of the NBA, where they appear to have learned some things about the importance of a ligher workload for top players. It’s been an amazing transformation to see the Bucs become one of the most forward-thinking analytical teams – something I really love about this front office.

I found it rather ridiculous that the Pirates felt the need to issue a press release on the photo of Jihadi John wearing a Pirate hat, but I agree with the statement – as I’m sure most others do as well.

This is just one tweet, so take it more as a reason to chuckle rather then a reason to be terrified about Pedro’s fielding (though that could certainly still be valid), but I laughed out loud when I saw this:

ESPN paid a visit to McKechnie for a couple of video clips on SportsCenter, including interviews with Clint Hurdle and Gerrit Cole. You can watch those all here.

Corey Hart’s main goal this spring was probably to stay healthy. This is obviously a minor, freak thing, but…he’s not off to a good start:

Remember when the Pirates lost to Manatee Community College during the spring? Join the club, Phillies.

Again, here’s the broadcast schedule for all of the spring training games. Tuesday’s game against Toronto is on MLB Network, but there are no more live telecasts for nearly two weeks after that.

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