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China-backed hackers may have infiltrated Apple's iCloud: blog
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's iCloud storage and backup service in China was attacked by hackers trying to steal user credentials and other information, a cyber security blog charged on Monday, saying it believes the country's government is behind the campaign.

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Google changes 'to fight piracy'
Google announces changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy.

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First products from Apple-IBM deal to come next month
The first products from Apple's mobile enterprise partnership with IBM will roll out next month, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said the partnership "could change the way people work."

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Apple's iPhone sales beat Street but iPad volumes slide

The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New YorkBy Christina Farr and Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc forecast a strong holiday quarter after a better-than-expected 16 percent jump in iPhone sales, and the strongest growth in Mac computer shipments in years helped the company surpass Wall Street's targets. The company on Monday projected stronger-than-expected revenue of $63.5 billion to $66.5 billion in the December quarter, when new iPads and iPhones vie with rival devices from Microsoft Corp and Inc for consumers' holiday outlays. Shares of Apple rose 1.3 percent to about $101.10 in after-hours trade. ...

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No iPhone 6 stock but the ads are nice
WHY are Optus and Telstra still advertising for something they don’t have? The iPhone 6 has been out for a month but many customers still haven’t received their orders.

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Mom tries to Facebook-shame daughter, gets pizza on face
A mother makes her daughter pose for a picture to prove that it will travel far and wide on the Web. She ends up getting prank calls, pizza deliveries, and a lesson for herself.

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This Mind-Blowing Groot Halloween Costume Is Basically A Work Of Art

He is Groot!

It took him 20 days, but Edward Vega created a costume so lifelike that we're pretty sure he might actually be the real thing.

Edward Vega

~Creativity at its finest~

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says Company Pays Men and Women Equally
Verifying the lack of a pay gap is difficult, however

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who was criticized earlier this month for saying women should not ask for raises, said Monday that his company pays men and women equally.

“I checked that it is something that we are enforcing,” said Nadella, who has apologized for the earlier remarks, at a presentation in San Francisco, Reuters reports. “We are in fact in good shape. Men and women get paid equally at Microsoft.”

Nadella’s statement is difficult to verify, as Microsoft does not make its pay structure public. Nadella’s comments also seem to contradict data from the site Glassdoor, which reported — based on a very small sample of employees who voluntarily shared their salaries — that men seem to earn more than woman doing the same job. According to its figures, male senior software development engineers earn around $137,000 a year, while women with that title earn around $129,000 a year.

“We have made some progress,” Nadella said during the presentation. “We have a lot more to do.”


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liamalexander: My daily stats: 12 new followers, 9 new unfollowers via
liamalexander: My daily stats: 12 new followers, 9 new unfollowers via

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alanjonesUK: RT @PopSci: Scientists finally have some answers about the mysterious "dark matter" in the human genome:
alanjonesUK: RT @PopSci: Scientists finally have some answers about the mysterious "dark matter" in the human genome:

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Uber and Lyft can both offer rides to San Francisco International Airport now
Today Lyft and Uber both announced that their car services are allowed at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The two companies join Sidecar which announced last week that it would be delivering and picking up passengers from the airport. One odd bit of news is that Sidecar stated its Shared Rides feature would not operate out of the airport. Uber on the other hand stated today that Uber Pool, its shared-ride feature, would be available for airport trips. So now the Bay Area has even more options to get to the airport besides, taxis, BART, bus, hassling friends, etc. ➤ Lyft’s Second Airport Agreement Authorizes...

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