How To Create a Microsoft Access Macro to Export Information to Excel or Word:
1.Click on the "Macros" option in the "Objects" menu.

2.Click "New" in the upper-panel of the database window to create a new macro.

3.Click in the "Action" field.

4.Click on the drop-down arrow and go to "MsgBox".

5.Go to the "Action Arguments" pane by clicking in the "Message" field or pressing "F6". To toggle to and from the "Action Arguments...

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Database Assessment Task 2010
Please find attached:  Database Assessment Task 2010  Roll Eyes

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We all know that some musicians are really influenced by some other musicians (oh here we go again..) which affects their writing / composing style. But what if a song REALLY sounds like another song? I found it difficult to judge whether its just an influence or plagiarism.

So i did some research on the internet and I found some information ab...

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Re: xbox360 or PS3

I like PC too.. wahaha.. but i preferred xbox360 than ps3 =]

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