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Latte Art - My Barista Training

Last week all of a sudden I decided to learn coffee making . I booked a class called Barista training and Latte Art. Excited and all set to learn to make coffees I reached the class. We were about 14 people in there . It was fun and we made as many coffees as we could and also learned coffee art ( Latte Art). I tried but did not come up with any best results.Well a lot more practice might help but anyways here are few of them which look tolerable .

This was supposed to be a heart but turned out to be something else. LOL

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My n95 Pictures

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Fantastic Friday
I captured these pictures on my way back from Manly Beach in Sydney. The sun had already started drowning and there was a bird sitting on the top of the pole and a boat sailing in the middle of the sea. That was a perfect scenario . And ofcourse I tried my best to fit all of them in my small n95. It was hard as in the pole was too close to me and the boat too far. But my n95 did it ... Hurray I simply love my gadget !!!!

the bird, sea bird, nature,n95 pictures, animals,Australia,landscape, free picture giftsA perfect evening at the sea.
bird and nature,sea bird,white sea bird,white bird,birds picture, bird picture, bird in n95, n95 mobile,n97,buy n95 pictures

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In the night , we had a power cut( there was no light at all ) and I so wanted to go to the loo . With my torchlight on I headed to the toilet . As I opened the door, something scared the hell out me . It was the lizard. And know what I had my mobile with me .. wow!! I then focused the torchlight on the lizard and captured this picture.Well I know it is not any great image or something to post but still that was fun for me clicking this in the middle of the night lighting up the torch.
Lizard,wall lizard,lizard in the bathroom,n95 pictures,Image of lizard,picture of wall lizard,The wall lizard

photoshop effect,photoshop,photography effect,lizard,animalsJust played around with the picture with Photoshop.

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The Bindhyabasini Temple in Pokhara

Bindhyabasini Temple,The Bindhyabasini Temple in Pokhara, Temple in Pokhara, Beautiful Temple, Ancient Temple,Nepali templeBindhyabasini Temple is also one of the most popular temple in Pokhara.It stand at 3000 ft above from the sea level lying in the laps of Machhapuchhare and Annapurna ranges.A fabulous view of the Pokhara city and the mountain ranges could be seen from this temple.This temple was established in B.S 1845.It is said that this temple originated when the Goddess “Bhawani “ told King khadag Bum Malla to establish her statue in Bindhyachal hill.
Famous Temple, Famous Temples,Unique Temple in Nepal,Unique Temple,Temples in Nepal, Visit PokharaThe Bindhyabasini Temple
n95 pictures,culture and festivals,history,people in n95,Ancient temple in Nepal,Bindhyabasini Temple, Temples in Pokhara,Bindyabasini temple,Mandir, Nepali Mandir, Nepali Temple, Visit Nepal Travel, Beautiful Pokhara, Tourism, Tourist in Temple,Religious people, Pilgrims ,n95 ,Nokia n95,
Worshiping Goddess, Goddess Temple, Durga statue, Mata Durga temple, Statue of Goddess , History, Pokhara,Nepal, TempleDevotees offering their prayers

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Thank You Very Much

So here I would like to show my appreciation to friends who stopped by the most to drop the Entrecard in the month of July and also everyone who visited, left comments and dropped their cards.Once again THANKS to all of you for your love and support. The Way I see It chicago history journal

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Palm Tree - ( Wordless Wednesday )

Wordless Wednesday-Palm Tree
palm tree,picture of palm tree ,palm trees,Australian palm tree,Palm trees in Australia,Australia,Sydney,n95 pictures,nature A Beautiful Palm Tree.
lovely palm trees,palm trees nurseries in Australia,palm trees photo gallery,palm tree pictures,palm tree varieties,palm tree picture,image of palm tree
palm tree types,palm tree species,photo gallery,giant palm tree,beautiful palm tree,buy palm tree, buy pictures,buy n95 pictures,buy palm tree photos
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Palm place Nursery,all green nursery,palm nursery ,Palm trees, Photo gallery of palm trees,Green,Green Tree, Green Trees,retail nurseries,wholesale nurseries of palm

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Beautiful Beach Sunset

So I had been to Watson Bay in Sydney with few of my friends.That was my first and indeed an exciting experience on the ferry.It felt as if i was flying with the breeze as the ferry started to sail.We reached the Watson Bay and wandered around. It was all beautiful and by the end of the day a little exhausted we sat by the shore and captured the beautiful sunset on my now getting older n95 mobile.
sunset,beautiful sunset, beach sunset,sunset in sydney,sunset in sea,n95 and iphone,n95 pictures, n95 feature,nokia,nokia n95A magnificent sunset at the Watson Bay.A man walking on the beach thinking of may be something wonderful.
n95 themes,nokia phone pictures,buy pictures,sensual nature photography,Watson Bay,Sydney,New South Wales,beginners photography,portrait photography,Australian sunset,sunny day in Sydney,sunsets Even the birds were enjoying this fantabulous view
sunset scenery,sunset magazine,beautiful sunsets,beach sunset,sea sunset,Oceania sunset,sunset time,sunrise and sunset times,ocean sunset
beach sunset, sunset photography,sunset photos,sunset pictures,sunset wallpaper,sunset holidays,sunset background,sunset scenes,beach sunset photos,blue sky red, blue skySo its all over for the day.The sun is hiding with a promise to get back with another marvelous day. Goodbye !! Beautiful Today !

My n95 is getting older Help me get a new one and continue my work.Thank you

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Thank You to my TOP 10 Entrecard Droppers in June

So here I would like to show my appreciation to friends who stopped by the most to drop the Entrecard in the month of June and also everyone who visited, left comments and dropped their cards.Once again THANKS to all of you for your love and support.

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The lovely daisies

These shots are from someone's garden near from where I live. Are not they lovely ? Flowers are indeed adding beauty to our surroundings.
Lovely daisy,flowers,yellow flower,flowers in my garden,images of daisy flowers,Beautiful flowers,Flower for gift,Gift,Love with daisy Purple daisies
purple flowers,yellow flowers,daisy,blooming flowers,flower cards,flower blossom,buy flowers,Gift flowers,send gift
pictures of flowers,n95 pictures,flowers in n95 mobile, mobile photography,n95 mobile
flowers,beautiful daisies,daisies,different kinds of flowers,world of flowers,Nokia, n96 mobile , Nokia n97, Nokia n96The lovely yellow daisies.

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Sydney Opera House from the Harbour Bridge

I feel lucky to have gotten a chance to walk across the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.That was for me a lifetime experience.From the Harbour the Opera House looked stunning. I had seen the Opera House several times in television, magazines etc but for the first time in life this masterpiece was floating in front of my eyes, my very own eyes.I just captured this incredible moment in my very own gadget , n95. I am so excited to share these shots with you all.
n95 pictures, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales,Opera House,Sydney Opera House,Harbour,Harbour Bridge,Opera House Pictures,Opera house from Harbour BridgeThe stunningly designed Sydney Opera House

Sydney Oper House Pictures,Images of Opera House, Beautiful Opera House,Masterpiece of Opera House,n95 pictures,sydney,New South Wales
n95 pictures, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales,Opera House,Sydney Opera House,Harbour,Harbour Bridge,Image of Sydney Opera House,Opera house in photoblog,
n95 pictures, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales,Opera House,Sydney Opera House,Harbour,Harbour BridgeThe masterpiece captured from the Harbour bridge
Buy Pictures,Prize of Pictures,Picture in sell, Auction of Beautiful Pictures,n95 Pictures,Opera house in my n95, Pictures taken by n95
Sydeny opera house behind the bar of harbour bridge,Harbour Bridge,Harbour,
Beautiful Picture of Opera House,Master Piece of Opera House,Opera House in Nest,Different view of Opera House,Lovely View of Opera House,Opera House in Sydney,Bridge in Sydney,n95 pictures, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales,Opera House,Sydney Opera House,Harbour,Harbour BridgeThe Opera House behind the netbars of Harbour bridge

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Thank you to my top 10 Entrecard droppers in May

So here I would like to show my appreciation to friends who stopped by the most to drop the Entrecard in the month of May and also everyone who visited, left comments and dropped their cards.Once again THANKS to all of you for your love and support.

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The serenity in the Park

Well finally I am back. Sorry all my viewers for posting after quite a while. Actually I have been in Sydney , Australia since a couple of weeks and have been unable to post . As now I have settled down here I am back to my blog which I missed like hell .
Here are the pictures I captured in Sydney. I was pretty tired walking around the Hyde Park and was sitting on the bench .The roads looked so calm and the atmosphere was so fresh that I felt like sleep over there and never wake up.It looked stunning.
Park,hyde Park, Park in Sydney,Australia,Sydney,n95 pictures,n95,n95 mobile
serenity in park, beautiful park, calm park, amazing park, nokia n95, mobile photography, park in Australia,Hyde park in Sydney, walking around the park,pictures of the parkDoes not that look fresh and serene ?

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Assorted sweets on Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day in my country. Normally in other parts of the world "Mother's Day " is celebrated on second Sunday of May but it is celebrated a bit earlier at my place (i.e. according to the Nepali Calendar) The whole city was busy buying gifts , sweets and other stuffs for the lovely mothers.The sweet shops too were all prepared with their delicacies. Even I was on the way to buy some fresh sweets for my Mom.And suddenly the colorful varieties of sweets decorated on the tables outside the shops pulled me towards.The sweets looked so very tempting. Before buying I captured them in my n95.There were a lot more varieties over there .. n they all looked very fresh and delicious.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers , the most wonderful gift given to mankind ever and all my readers as well.
Sweets,assorted sweets, mother's day,sweets for mother's day,gift for mother's day,nepali sweets,sweet shops,10th may
Assortment of sweets.sweet shops,assortment of sweets,varieties of sweets,laddoo,peda,barfi,lalmohan,rasbari,mother's day gift, happy mother's day, YUMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!
Laddoo(orange ones) and peda with cherry toppings (white ones)
Nepali mother's day,worldwide mother's day,mother's day in Australia,Mother's day in Nepal,sweet seller,delicious sweets,sweet shop,sweet restaurants, The sweet seller.I wish i was him at that moment, i could have eaten everything up lol.

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Sweet Nectar lures the Butterfly

sweet nectar lures the butterfly,dancing butterfly,butterfly in flower,flowers and butterfly,butterfly,flowers,n95 pictures,n95 mobile,butterfly picture for mobileThe butterfly enjoying the deliciousness of the nectar.
I took these pictures by my n95 few days back.These pictures are my favorite one among all the photos i have taken till now.
butterfly picture taken by mobile,mobile pictures,beautiful butterfly,new year card,happy Nepali new year,happy new year,new year 2066,greeting card for new year,butterfly in new year,about bikram sambat,Nepalese new year . As the new year in Nepal has begun since yesterday .I wish you all a very happy Nepali new year 2066 B.S. .May this year brings you all happiness and prosperity throughout. May all your dreams come true.Bikram Sambat (B.S.) is the official calendar of Nepal, is based on ancient Hindu tradition. Bikram Sambat has 56.7 years ahead of the A.D. year . The Bikram Sambat starts with first day of month Baisakh . It usually falls in April 13 to 15.The new year is celebrated in Nepal as any other new year in other part of the world marked by family gathering,parties, picnic and exchanging wishes and participation in rituals to ensure good fortune in the coming year.
beautiful butterfly,white butterfly,nepali butterfly,nepali flower,white butterfly and yellow flower,butterfly and daisy,deliciousness of nectar,sweet nectar,sweet nectarlures the butterfly,flower and butterfly ,amazing picture of butterfly and flower,n95 pictures,nature,mobile pictures,picture taken by n95 mobile,butterfly in pokhara,butterfly in nepalSweet nectar lures the butterfly.

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Fishes enjoying their swim

fishes pictures,fishes enjoying swimming,natural pond,beauty on pond,fish picture taken by n95,picture taken by mobile Last Saturday i had been to a temple called chabdibarah with my family .It was a nice place in hilly region and around 70 km away from Pokhara .There was a natural pond near the temple with hundreds of fishes swimming in that pond .I was so excited watching them swim and i have captured them in my n95 mobile .Hope you will like these pictures.

nature,n95 pictures,nepali fish,fish in pond,fishes in the pond,fishes swimming in the pond,fish,fishes,group of fishFishes in the Pond.
n95 pictures,n95 mobile,image of n95 pictures,fishes enjoying swimming,fishes and pond,pond in temple,Fishes enjoying their swims
fishes on the pond of the temple,lovely fishes,beautiful fishes,pictures of fishes,image taken by n95 pictures,fish in temple,fishes in the pond,natural pond in templeBlack and white snap.

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The Dog

April fool,making fool in April first,Hen,picture of hen,Nepali hen,local hen,hen in pokhara,local bird,hen picture taken by mobile,mobile pictures,n95 picture,picture taken by n95 Colorful two leg dog posing for Photo shot.
Sorry Folks it April Fool's Day .

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The Flowers Blooming in my Garden

The flowers blooming in my garden.
yellow flower,yellow flower garden,flower in my garden,flower for gift,gift,flower birthday gift,n95 pictures,nature,beautiful flowers
red flower,red flower in my house,flower in my house,garden in my house,garden in corner,fresh flower,flower pictures,flower picture for mobile,mobile capturing flower picture

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The leafless tree stands silently in its place with branches, reflecting the autumn season.
leafless tree,leafless tree in autumn season,leafless tree in nepal,tree in n95 pictures,nature,landscapes,image of leafless tree,picture of leafless tree Leafless tree
leafless tree,free tree pictures,tree picture as gift,beautiful leafless tree,beautiful tree,tree in autumn season,n95 pictures

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The Spider

image of spider,spider on the wall,spider in n95 mobile,mobile photography,n95 pictures, effects on spider imageImage of Spider with invert effect by photoshop.
Well for a change i tried to put some effects on my photos using Photoshop.I hope you would like my little try.I would be very glad to have your views suggestions or critics.
spider,wall spider,insect,pictures of spider,free spider picture,spider in Nepal,Nepali spiderThe image of spider sitting on the wall.

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The most sacred and ancient Buddhist Stupa Swayambhunath

Swayambhunath temple, Buddhist Pilgrim, swyambhu in n95 pictures, Buddha in NepalSwyambhunath bearing the meaning "self-emerged" is the most sacred and ancient Buddhist Stupa in Nepal.It was founded by the great-grandfather of King Manadev in the 5th century AD though it's origin however, date to a much earlier time, long before the arrival of Buddhism into the valley.It is lofty white dome with glittering golden spire with pair of big eyes on each of the four sides of the main Stupa symbolizing the God's all-seeing perspective.Swayambhunath stupa is also called the Monkey Temple because of the many hundreds of monkeys dwelling there.There are many chaityas, temples, painted images of deities and other religious objects like prayer wheels and flags for the Tibetan Buddhists to be seen.
swayambhu Stupa, Nepal, self emerged Stupa, Buddhism in Nepal,n95 picturesAccording to Swayambhu Purana,Kathmandu Valley at the very beginning was a huge lake, out of which grew a lotus that radiated a brilliant light.The Bodhisatva Manjushri seeing that the valley could be a good settlement for the humans,cut a gorge with a sharp sword at Chovar and drained the water away leaving the valley of present day "Kathmandu". The lotus was transformed into a hillock and the blazing light became the Swayambhunath stupa.
stupa of swayambhunath,self emerged stupa, Boddhisatva Manjushri,Buddist Pilgrims,budhism in kathmandu,destiny for buddha lover ,swyambhu temple in nepalSwayambhunath Temple
stupa of swayambhu , Nepal, Monkey temple,monkey in temple cute moneky in temple,tourist for buddhism,tourist in nepal for buddhaStupa at Swayambhunath
Swayambhunath pictures,Buddha photo,free swyambhunath pictures,ultimate destination for buddhism
Eyes of Swayambhunathpigeons and dogs in swayambhu temple, Monkey temple of Nepal,dog in temple,animals in temple,Hindu and Buddhism togetherPigeons on the white dome and dogs serenely lying around.
staircase to entrance to swayambhunath stupa,entry to Swayambhunath,365 staircase,longest staircase in nepal,365 staircase,staircase in temple
swayambhu 365 stepped stairway,Climbing swayambhunath,n95 pictures,swyambhunath in nepal,Buddha in Nepal,tourist for buddhismStairway to Swayambhunath temple.It has 365 steps.
Shikhara at swayambhunath,hindu temple near Buddha temple,stupa and temple,temple in hill,stupa in hill gumba in hillShikhara , erected by King Pratap Malla
prayer flags, swayambhunath,largest number of prayers flags,red flag ,blue flag ,green flag, seven color flagPrayer Flags
stupas and prayer flags, n95 pictures,flags in kathmandu ,history,free pictures for n95 mobile,flags in n95 Small Stupas and prayer flags hanging around
Buddhist monk , Buddhism,monk in stupa,monk in gomba monk in gumba,monk in temple,nepali monk ,international monks in nepal,praying monkBuddhist Monk behind the huge bell
prayer wheels at swayambhu, buddhist devoteesDevotees spinning the prayer wheels
n95 pictures , swayambhunath,stupa at top,city view from templeBajra
swayambhunath, Nepal Swayambhunath
Buddhist gompa swayambhunath,buddha,lord gautam buddha ,sidhartha gautam buddhaBuddhist gompa at Swayambhunath
Buddha of light, Dipanker buddha,free gautam buddha pictures,largest collection of buddhism picturesBuddha of light , Deepankar Buddha at Swayambhu
wishing pool of Buddha , swayambhu,stupa in kathmandu,stupa in nepal,buddhism in nepalWishing pool with statue of Buddha at Swayambhunathstatue of Budhha , entrance to swayabhunath,number of statue of gautam buddha,statue of gautam budhha in swyambhu,swayambhu, nepal
Swayambhunath , self emergence,history of swaymbhunath,pictures of gautam buddha,pictures of swaymbhustupa,Statues of Lord Buddha at the entrance area.
swayambhunath hillock,swayambhu in hill,green forest in swyambhuSwayambhunath hillock
monkey temple , swayambhunathMonkeys at Swayambhunath also called MONKEY TEMPLE
view of kathmandu from swayambhunath,view of kathmandu city,different look of cityCity view from the Swayambhu temple.

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A gigantic statue of Lord Bishnu carved on a five-meter-long boulder.

First of all I would like to wish all my readers,visitors and friends a very

These are few shots of Budhanilkantha Temple.Budhanilkantha meaning "old blue-throat" is a gigantic ( carved on a five-meter-long boulder) shrine of Lord Bishnu also Ananta shahin Narayan lying serenely on the coiled body of Ananta Sesh ( 11 hooded serpent ).This huge stone carving of Lord Bishnu with his legs crossed and holding SHANKHA (conch), Charkra(disc), GADHA(club) and PADMA(Lotus)in his four hands seems to be floating amidst a small pond covering an area of around 882 sq. meters.The deity is over 1000 years old and has enormous significance to both the Hindus and Buddhists.This masterpiece is also known as the Sleeping Vishnu Temple.
The Royals(especially the reigning monarch) are restricted to enter the Temple premises for various inauspicious religious notions.
,Budhanilkantha,Budhanilkantha Temple,sleeping lord bishnu temple,History:
This statue had been carved by the order of the King Vishnugupta of the Licchavi dynasty in the 7th or 8th century.Legend says that the deity was surprisingly lost and was later found by a farmer as he hit the buried shrine while ploughing and the statue started bleeding.The statue came to complete exposure on further mining.
Sesh nag,Lord Bishnu statue,n95 pictures,culture and festivals,Hindu god,Hindu lord statue,Entrance gate,temple entrance,Entrance of statue THE ENTRANCE TO THE TEMPLE
old blue-throat,bhagwan bishnu,Budanilkantha ,kathmandu,basbari,Lord,Buddhism and Hinduism together,
sleeping Vishnu,Budhanilkantha temple,Nepal Hindus and Buddhists,lord in pond,lord with snake,god with snake,snake god,shree krishna, boulder,gigantic statue,stone carvingtraditional stone carving ,statue of bishnu,statue of lord bishnu,statue of sleeping bishnu,front view of statue,amazing lord statue ,beautiful god statue,budhanilkantha temple,god in pond,sleeping god,god with four hand,bishnuViews of Lord Vishnu sleeping on the coiled body of serpents form different angles.

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The Rock Ship
Sting and Bruce Springsteen backstage after a performance of 'The Last Ship' at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City on October 15th, 2014 . Sting and Bruce Springsteen backstage after a performance of 'The Last Ship' at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City on October 15th, 2014 . 

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Urban Sketchbook
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The New PostSecret Book

See PostSecret videos, discover new PostSecret links, pre-order the new PostSecret book.
Visit 'The World of PostSecret'.

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The Seduction of Yusuf

The Seduction of Yusuf

Kamal ud-din Behzad: The Seduction of Yusuf
illumination, 1488
National Library and Archives of Egypt, Cairo

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When Roses Aren t Red

Not all roses are red Not all roses are red

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