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With Alphabet, Google faces a daunting challenge: organizing itself
nSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google’s self-professed mission is to organize the world’s information. But a company known for engineering excellence is still trying to solve the very human problem of how to organize itself.

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Gmail to end ad-targeting email scans
Privacy groups cautiously welcome Google's pledge to end scans of Gmail messages to personalise ads.

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These Pokémon iPhone Cases Are a Must-Have for Any Trainer

These Pokémon 20th Anniversary phone cases by RAVPower are absolutely adorable. You can protect your phone in style and let the world know that your iPhone doubles as a Pokédex. You can choose […]

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Sneaky Gmail phishing attack fools with fake Google Docs app
Google Docs was pulled into a sneaky email phishing attack on Tuesday that was designed to trick users into giving up access to their Gmail accounts.

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Your fingerprints could replace your airline boarding pass

Your fingerprints could replace your airline boarding passDelta Airlines is testing fingerprint readers that may soon replace your old-fashioned paper and digital boarding passes.

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Galaxies collide in stunning picture
A NEW image captured by NASA Hubble space telescope shows ‘doomed duo’ galaxies colliding and then trying to destroy one another.

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WWE women's tournament will be the rise of its next starlet - CNET
Move over, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, 32 women will fight it out in August on the WWE Network for the Mae Young Classic.

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Let Us Guess Your "Tekken" Animal Fighter

We’re all animals when Tekken 7 drops.

Images from Bandai Namco

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The Best iOS 11 Features We’ve Tried So Far
Including Files, Control Center, Maps and more

Apple’s next major update to iOS comes loaded with new features that make the iPad more useful, especially when it comes to multitasking.

Don’t expect your iPad to replace your laptop when iOS 11 launches in the fall, but the update will make the tasks you already use your iPad for feel more fluid. Some features will prevent you from navigating to the home screen as often, while others make it easier to customize how you use your iPad.

Among the most prominent changes: a new Files app for managing documents across devices, a redesigned iPad dock that can fit more apps and a new view for the Control Center and app switcher. A handful of updates are coming to Apple’s own apps as well, including a new indoor navigation feature for Apple Maps as well as more filters to choose from in Photos. Apple is also courting developers to create augmented reality apps for the iPad through its newly announced ARKit tools, which will be launching with iOS 11.

After spending a few days using the public beta, here’s a look at the most useful features we’ve encountered so far.

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liamalexander: My daily stats: 12 new followers, 9 new unfollowers via
liamalexander: My daily stats: 12 new followers, 9 new unfollowers via

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alanjonesUK: RT @PopSci: Scientists finally have some answers about the mysterious "dark matter" in the human genome:
alanjonesUK: RT @PopSci: Scientists finally have some answers about the mysterious "dark matter" in the human genome:

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Amazon is building a translation service for your sites and apps

Amazon is set to expand its Web Services range of offerings for developers with a new tool to translate their apps and sites into multiple languages, reports CNBC. When it launches, the new service will see Amazon go up against Microsoft and Google, both of which offer translation APIs to enterprise customers. Amazon already uses its own translation tech in-house to offer product documentation in various languages. The effort to build this out for developers is being led by Aron Levie, the co-founder of translation software firm Safaba, which Amazon acquired in September 2015. That should help the ecommerce and…

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