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BBC - Weather Centre - Forecast for Sydney, Australia
last updated: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 18:45:09 +1100

Friday: white cloud, Max Temp: 22°C (72°F), Min Temp: 18°C (64°F)
Max Temp: 22°C (72°F), Min Temp: 18°C (64°F), Wind Direction: E, Wind Speed: 4mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1019mb, Humidity: 47%, Sunrise: 05:52EST, Sunset: 19:25EST

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Friday: light rain, Max Temp: 19°C (66°F), Min Temp: 10°C (50°F)
Max Temp: 19°C (66°F), Min Temp: 10°C (50°F), Wind Direction: SSE, Wind Speed: 5mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1020mb, Humidity: 70%, Sunrise: 06:10EST, Sunset: 19:57EST

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Friday: sunny, Max Temp: 31°C (88°F), Min Temp: 22°C (72°F)
Max Temp: 31°C (88°F), Min Temp: 22°C (72°F), Wind Direction: NNE, Wind Speed: 3mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1016mb, Humidity: 30%, Sunrise: 06:10CST, Sunset: 19:47CST

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Friday: light rain shower, Max Temp: 24°C (75°F), Min Temp: 17°C (63°F)
Max Temp: 24°C (75°F), Min Temp: 17°C (63°F), Wind Direction: ESE, Wind Speed: 11mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1016mb, Humidity: 69%, Sunrise: 04:54EST, Sunset: 18:08EST

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Friday: thundery shower, Max Temp: 22°C (72°F), Min Temp: 12°C (54°F)
Max Temp: 22°C (72°F), Min Temp: 12°C (54°F), Wind Direction: WSW, Wind Speed: 17mph, Visibility: good, Pressure: 1006mb, Humidity: 84%, Sunrise: 05:16WST, Sunset: 18:43WST

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Friday: light rain shower, Max Temp: 34°C (93°F), Min Temp: 26°C (79°F)
Max Temp: 34°C (93°F), Min Temp: 26°C (79°F), Wind Direction: NNE, Wind Speed: 8mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1008mb, Humidity: 52%, Sunrise: 06:12CST, Sunset: 18:47CST

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Friday: sunny, Max Temp: 24°C (75°F), Min Temp: 12°C (54°F)
Max Temp: 24°C (75°F), Min Temp: 12°C (54°F), Wind Direction: E, Wind Speed: 1mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1017mb, Humidity: 42%, Sunrise: 05:58EST, Sunset: 19:35EST

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Friday: sunny intervals, Max Temp: 19°C (66°F), Min Temp: 9°C (48°F)
Max Temp: 19°C (66°F), Min Temp: 9°C (48°F), Wind Direction: WSW, Wind Speed: 6mph, Visibility: very good, Pressure: 1016mb, Humidity: 50%, Sunrise: 05:50EST, Sunset: 19:57EST

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Fairmont, Minnesota Weather :: 16F OVERCAST


Wind Speed:
Wind Direction:
NE (40°)
30.52 in.
Heat Index:
Wind Chill:
10 mi

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Natural Disasters: How to Stay Safe

Southern Africans are usually no strangers with a natural catastrophe. Unfortunately, huge amounts, wildfires and also earthquakes claim lives yearly. But how will you avoid the aftermaths of Mum Nature's pressure majeure? There isn't any guarantee you may leave untouched, but a few measures may be taken to enhance your probabilities of survival.

Should you live in a country similar to South Cameras where earthquakes carry out occasionally punch, be prepared. Stock on emergency supplies such as a battery-operated radio stations, torches, comforters, bottled drinks and tinned meal and let your family or housemates recognize where these are kept. Identify risk-free areas within your house and surroundings where you could seek cover in case of an urgent situation. Sheltering under heavy furniture or against an internal wall are usually wise possibilities. If out-of-doors, stay clear of buildings, trees and shrubs and electricity poles. Make guaranteed children learn how to dial 911 then when is the proper time to take action. If possible, develop an agenda for how in which to stay touch if you are separated. Attend first aid classes as a family or maybe group exercise and work with your ability if required after the disaster provides struck. To keep safe, avoid damaged buildings in support of venture household when you might have been instructed by specialists it's risk-free.

Flood warnings are typically issued ahead of time so make sure you're mindful of the attentive system. Refill on urgent situation materials (refer for the Earthquakes area for details) and also gather equipment to develop barriers using, like yellow sand bags. Develop an evacuation route with all your housemates or close relatives. Learn how then when to turn off the propane, electricity and also water, and make sure each man or women knows. Create flood insurance.

During ton watches, tune in to the local radio stations station and also listen available for details and dire warnings. Leave if you are told to take action or search for higher ground if out-of-doors. Don't go walking through floodwaters as there can be hidden currents or maybe dangerous debris. If avoiding by car or truck, use merely recommended paths. Don't relax in your car or truck if it stops caused by rising mineral water. Seek better ground quickly.

Wait until finally you've also been told it's safe to help head household. Be careful when going into buildings for the reason that floods could have caused structural harm or provided unpleasant surprises similar to poisonous dogs. Don't work with food that's touch floodwater, even when tinned.

To prevent wildfires spreading to your house, use fire-resistant products in the structure. If at all, install electrical power lines underground. A safety zone separating the house from just about any potentially flammable trees and shrubs or bushes is critical. If you are doing have trees and shrubs nearby, ensure that you trim the branches. Routinely clear the gutters associated with any debris and hold chimneys clean. Keep flammable essential fluids and materials clear of the home. If you should build a patio fire, keep it clear of surrounding flora and not leave it unattended. Have catastrophe supplies accessible and make sure every resident recognizes them. Plan an evacuation path and training it collectively.

If captured outdoors near a flaming fire, seek shelter in a pond or maybe river. Inside dry locations hide among rocks, then lie low and also cover on your own in dirt. Indoors, remove flammable windowpane dressings and turn off the propane supply. Hide belongings in water as long as they don't risk being destroyed. Listen available for evacuation dire warnings and prepare small urgent situation kits for each person which can be easily grabbed for just a quick get away.

Be watchful when re-entering the building and make sure you check just about every area with regard to sparks or maybe leftover embers. Only available windows for fresh air when you might have assessed it's safe.

Many organic disasters will probably bear distressing consequences similar to power cuts along with a soiled mineral water supply. Have patience and make it possible for authorities take care of the circumstances as best they might. In the meantime check into emergency creator hire and also water filtration to get on using life as it was prior to incident.

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Disaster Preparation - 7 Tips to Help You Survive a Worst - Case Scenario

You might be aware that there are many hazardous natural phenomenons on this planet and you have to be prepared to the worst -- case cases. Here are the main tips which may save your lifetime if the actual worst points happen.

1. Remain Calm

This may be obvious and you currently know that you will need to stay calm in the event the natural dilemmas happen. Some men and women act within rush in addition to make big mistakes just since they are in worry. If you are calm therefore you think within a rational technique, you have more chances for you to survive normal disasters.

two. Find a Shelter

Locating a shelter within a natural disaster is usually a key element to your survival. In circumstance of Tornadoes and also other types associated with strong breeze, it 's best to come across shelter metro. In circumstance of earthquakes, it is best to find wide open spaces with out many complexes. In circumstance of surges and tsunamis, it is best to go for you to places with higher altitude, like hills.

3. Imagine Quickly

Natural dilemmas happen easily and you don't have enough time for it to think. You have to think easily and make the most beneficial decisions. For anyone who is caught within a building while in an earthquake, you don't have time to own outside which is better to get safe places from the building, like under the actual table or within the door framework. If there's a danger associated with flood, you must turn off each of the gas in addition to electricity home equipment.

4. Stay As well as Other Individuals

You have more chances for you to survive, if you stay in addition to other men and women. They can help you if you are injured and save you in case you are trapped. Other people need to have some practical knowledge with normal disasters and they also know where to start.

5. Prepare your Supplies

It is usually good to have enough items of meals and water in your house. You never know what sorts of disasters may happen later on. If you might have enough items, you can survive till the rescue crew comes.

6. Examine the Dangers

Different parts have unique risks and you should know what types of natural dilemmas are specific with a particular parts. Some locations have big risks associated with earthquakes plus some other locations are constantly suffering from floods or tornadoes. You must do some on the net study prior to going on vacation.

7. Have the Necessary Tactical Equipment

It is usually to have some survival tools, such since compass, signaling firearm, matches, knives and also other things along. After the actual disaster, you can still find many dangerous stuff that can come about. You should watch out for some wild animals that appear after the big dilemmas.

I desire you a great deal of luck later on. You must be careful and you ought to follow these pointers, if you ever experience virtually any natural tragedy.

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