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Bitcoin hits new record high as warnings grow louder
LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin blasted to another all-time high of almost $18,000 on the Bitstamp exchange on Friday, up 9 percent on the day, as warnings grew over the risks of investing in the highly volatile and speculative instrument.

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Schools warned over hackable heating systems
A researcher finds dozens of UK schools' smart heating systems are vulnerable to being attacked.

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NASA, Google AI Discover Eighth Planet in Kepler-90 System

Even without Pluto, our solar system always held the record for most planets orbiting a single star. Until now. Using Google machine learning, NASA discovered an eighth planet circling Kepler-90, a sun-like star […]

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Sneaky Gmail phishing attack fools with fake Google Docs app
Google Docs was pulled into a sneaky email phishing attack on Tuesday that was designed to trick users into giving up access to their Gmail accounts.

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Galaxies collide in stunning picture
A NEW image captured by NASA Hubble space telescope shows ‘doomed duo’ galaxies colliding and then trying to destroy one another.

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The 39 best holiday shopping deals right now: Dec. 15 update - CNET
With less than 10 days until Christmas, some better-than-Black Friday deals are still available.

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A Day Before Net Neutrality Repeal, AT&T Revealed a Plan to Send Internet Over Your Power Lines
The FCC's Ajit Pait said repeal would spur internet investment

A day before the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality vote, AT&T announced trials of its Project AirGig, a technology that aims to provide internet over power lines.

However, the announcement may have undercut FCC chairman Ajit Pait’s claim that rolling back the Internet regulations would encourage investment in internet technologies, since it has been in development for months, if not years. AirGig was first revealed in September 2016, before the presidential election and Pai’s nomination as FCC Chair.

Describing AirGig as a “first-of-its-kind system,” AT&T claims that the technology could one day deliver blazing-fast internet speed of more than 1 gigabit per second. The technology is currently in two trials — one with an electricity provider outside the U.S. that began this past fall, and another that recently began in rural Georgia. If successful, AirGig could improve broadband speed for people across rural America, where cable companies and fiber-optic networks haven’t yet reached.

In the wake of Thursday’s FCC vote, the question of how much will internet services will cost without net neutrality is weighing heavily on households’ minds, and AT&T has not yet mentioned anything about AirGig’s pricing.

Instead, the company is highlighting the technical details. Rather than sending data through the power lines, AirGig uses low-cost plastic antenna attached to the power lines to relay data to homes from the web. That means it can attach to existing infrastructure, wherever electricity is already flowing.

Will it work? Perhaps. With 5G wireless data slowly plodding to market, AT&T may be hedging its bets in order to assure the success of its DirecTV investment and plans for future video-streaming dominance with DirecTV Now. There is also the matter of AT&T’s merger with Time Warner, which the U.S. Department of Justice has sued to block.

Then again, there’s a lot of schemes to wrestle the crown of high-speed internet from cable companies, including Google Fiber (which has paused its rollout), Facebook’s internet drones, and SpaceX’s internet satellites. In other words: Don’t sign any long-term internet contracts.

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liamalexander: My daily stats: 12 new followers, 9 new unfollowers via
liamalexander: My daily stats: 12 new followers, 9 new unfollowers via

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alanjonesUK: RT @PopSci: Scientists finally have some answers about the mysterious "dark matter" in the human genome:
alanjonesUK: RT @PopSci: Scientists finally have some answers about the mysterious "dark matter" in the human genome:

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This cryptocurrency visualization shows the $6.4 billion poured into ICOs since 2014

Token sales and initial coin offerings (ICO) were certainly the hottest buzzwords of the year for thousands of recreational cryptocurrency enthusiasts and seasoned investors alike. But have you ever wondered precisely how much money was poured into this trend this year? There’s a visualization that can give you an idea. Cryptocurrency startup Elementus has compiled a nifty animated visualization that shows every token sale that has successfully raised at least $100,000 since 2014. The graph also displays the entire cashflow that went into these ICOs, with detailed month-by-month information for the past four years. As you will notice in the video…

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