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How do I download photos from Facebook?
What is the best software to unzip files?
I'm looking for a free/open source software library for text effects, can you suggest one?
How do you fix LCD screen on a digital camera?
RSS to Twitter services like Twitterfeed seem very slow at times; is there a better way?
Is Twitterfeed the only way to send RSS feed items to Twitter?
Is is possible to create an HTML contact form with attached files? I'm using a wix website which doesn't work well with php as it doesn't provide a db to upload php files to?
Is it true that to build value backlinks the links need to be in the form of text that has the link attached?
How do I change my Skype username?
Is there a way to find out who a web site's host is?
Is it possible to install and run IE8 and IE7 on the same XP computer? If so how do I do this?
How do I find out if my computer has a sound card installed, and what type is it?
Who is the current leader of the GOP?
why does hair turn gray?
Date Asked: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 01:18:47 -0500
Date Answered: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 09:36:26 -0500
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The pigment cells that give color to each hair follicle cannot live forever, and there are only so many of them per follicle. When they start to die, the pigment in each follicle begins to diminish. This is a gradual process that can take several years, but given enough time, the follicles go from fading to grey or silver and eventually to white.
Which CMS is better? Wordpress or Joomla?
Which forum software is better? PHPBB or SMF?
When you delete something from your recycle bin is it gone completely?
What does "MS DOS" stand for?
Is Wikipedia accurate?
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