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04 Aug 10 Consume, Be Silent and Die: A Valediction Against Lurking

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The vast majority of internet users are lurkers; passive users who never generate any content, never participate in discussions, never post comments.  This to some degree explains the extraordinary success of Facebook.  The ubiquitous Facebook ‘like button’ allows passive users to interact with online content with a simple click; you don’t need to comment, you don’t need to exercise your brain at all.  Perhaps it also why social media platforms such as MySpace have been less successful.  You can customise MySpace profiles a great deal more than you can with a Facebook profile, especially if you’re comfortable using a little html, but you really need to post some content to get anything out of it.  The simple fact is, most people just aren’t interested in how their profile pages appear.  Posting the odd trivial message, clicking ‘likes’ and playing games like ‘Farmville‘ is a rewarding social media experience for many. Just what is wrong with that?! I hear you ask with a rising tone of indignation and outrage.


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30 Jul 10 Ask and Ye Shall Recieve: Dealing with Twitter Complaints Part II

MC Hammer speaking on the power of social media. Image by Getty Images via @daylife

In a previous post on this topic, I related how I experienced dissatisfaction with a company’s services and how I sought satisfaction from the company in question by making my complaint online via Twitter.  Had a made my complaint by more conventional means, say by telephone, I’m sure it would have been much less successful.  “Yes sir, we’re very sorry but there’s not much more we can do…”  Most are familiar with being fobbed off by less than sympathetic sales staff, getting nowhere and ending up feeling frustrated and angry.  Complaining via social media is much more effective; you have a potential audience of millions and the whole thing ends up being a PR exercise which may be mutually beneficial.  If you are involved with an online complaint, there are a few things to be aware of that might help. (more…)

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06 Nov 09 TweepML: Twittter Lists Made Easy

I made a little discovery today that might be useful to some…Someone added me to a VIP list at TweepML. To use this site’s own sales pitch: “TweepMLis an extensible, open standard format that allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.”  You can create your own lists by entering a twitter username in the ‘enter twitter users’ field on the ‘create a list page’.  You can also enter the twitter list URLs and generate super lists (like the example below). You can also follow all members of a Twitter List directly instead of following the list itself, or use find lists of interest.  All in all, a very useful list management tool.

paulina1 – paulina1
josenilsonfj – Josenilson Ferreira
arvettedude – Alex
CarlinhosVP – Carlos Parrini 1
cyberdad – Tom
lagunadeb – debi cortez
oliverschmid – Oliver Schmid
tomraines – Tom Raines
SOFIADOMAR – Sofia Machado
jacoutofthebox – Jackie Ng
E_Eccelstone – E. Eccelstone
iFreddie – Farida
alfiosilva – Alfio Silva
pcjleal – Paulo Cesar
DressThatMan – Funky Fashion Man!
cecilemiranda – Cecile Miranda
Prosperitylink – Zsolt Szabo
yournutrition – Vicki Berry
TheMasterofMe – Tom Saenz
thejordanrules – Jordan Julien
stevenwacker – Steven Wacker 
LisiSilveira – Lisi Silveira
HennArtOnline – Henie Reisinger
mpesce – Mark Pesce
bemaph – Ben Phelan
shanea – Shane Anderson
stilgherrian – Stilgherrian
bengrubb – Ben Grubb
pamelafox – pamelafox
pixel8ted – Linda Gehard
erkpod – Erk
dekrazee1 – Rai
kcarruthers – Kate Carruthers
funkycoda – Ajay Ranipeta
pedzel – Pedzel
NickHodge – NickHodge
fictillius – Fictillius
bragi0 – bragi0
GaryPHayes – Gary Hayes
Glebe2037 – Glebe2037
limburger2001 – Patrick
firstdogonmoon – Mr Onthemoon
acatinatree – Cathie McGinn
tweepml – TweepML

What next? Go out and enjoy nature. Nah, just kidding…

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12 Jul 09 Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12


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05 Jul 09 Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05


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