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12 Jul 11 OMG I’m a GPS: 6 degrees of separation

Gillard's stepdaughter poses for 'Zoo Weekly'Some time ago (26th December 2008 to be precise) I published an article entitled “OMG I’m a gay porn star” The article was about the unforeseen consequences of Googling oneself. My search discovered that I share my name with another ‘Liam Alexander’ who is a model on a site called ‘originaleuroboys’; a gay porn service. In the article I wondered if “this Liam is a real person…; quite likely he was dreamed up by two guys fantasizing on the phone”. However, I learned that this Liam is a real person after receiving this comment:

“Liam Alexander the porn star is for real. I was the photographer that did the originaleuroboys.com photoshoot with Liam that is now on originaleuroboys.com. To add the the interest in Liam take a look at our studio website http://www.7bluestudio.com because Liam features on the homepage larger than ever! Ben Willis, Director”


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27 Jul 10 Ask And Ye Shall Receive: Complain on Twitter

hitler on the phoneI first noticed how effective a Twitter complaint could be some time ago.  I was casually discussing a problem I was having with a WordPress plugin ‘SezWho‘.  To be honest, I wasn’t terribly fair; I tweeted something along the lines of “this plugin sucks” when in actual fact, the problem was most likely caused by conflict with some other plugin and not really a problem with SezWho at all.  I was surprised that within hours of making my comment, SezWho contacted me via Twitter and went out of their way to resolve the problem.  I apologised to them for jumping to conclusions and I was very pleased and impressed by their diligence and professionalism.

Many companies now have a social media presence.  If you have a complaint, you can easily find their social media profile and complain to them directly.  Just Google “so and so on Twitter” or “so and so on Facebook” and you’ll find the company you’re looking for very quickly.  Don’t make the mistake I inadvertently did: do a little research before you complain to make sure the problem is actually the fault of the company in question.

Dealing with complaints on social networking sites has become an important public relations exercise.  Many companies employ a ‘social networking team’ to deal with such complaints.  Dealing with a problem positively can turn bad publicity into good and an angry customer can change from a bad mouther to a singer of praises.  As is usually the case, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and if you are dissatisfied you might as well get some grease. For example:


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04 Apr 10 Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

twittering machine

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02 Aug 09 Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02



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12 Jul 09 Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12


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22 Jun 09 The New Twitterfeed: a Huge Improvement

twitter rssI was delighted when I first came across Twitterfeed.  The ability to automatically send any RSS feed to twitter as a series of tweets was very appealing to me.  For readers who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, what I mean is that updates to an RSS feed (produced by blog posts or comments for example) can be automatically tweeted by adding feeds to a Twitterfeed account.  However, over time, Twitterfeed seemed to become slower and less reliable.  It seemed that not all rss updates were tweeted and that the time delay between updating the feed and the actual tweet became inordinately long.  I was recently pleased to find that Twitterfeed has revamped it’s site completely.  For those who have been using Twitterfeed in its previous incarnation, don’t worry; all your feeds can easily be transferred to your new account.


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