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06 Nov 09 TweepML: Twittter Lists Made Easy

I made a little discovery today that might be useful to some…Someone added me to a VIP list at TweepML. To use this site’s own sales pitch: “TweepMLis an extensible, open standard format that allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.”  You can create your own lists by entering a twitter username in the ‘enter twitter users’ field on the ‘create a list page’.  You can also enter the twitter list URLs and generate super lists (like the example below). You can also follow all members of a Twitter List directly instead of following the list itself, or use find lists of interest.  All in all, a very useful list management tool.

paulina1 – paulina1
josenilsonfj – Josenilson Ferreira
arvettedude – Alex
CarlinhosVP – Carlos Parrini 1
cyberdad – Tom
lagunadeb – debi cortez
oliverschmid – Oliver Schmid
tomraines – Tom Raines
SOFIADOMAR – Sofia Machado
jacoutofthebox – Jackie Ng
E_Eccelstone – E. Eccelstone
iFreddie – Farida
alfiosilva – Alfio Silva
pcjleal – Paulo Cesar
DressThatMan – Funky Fashion Man!
cecilemiranda – Cecile Miranda
Prosperitylink – Zsolt Szabo
yournutrition – Vicki Berry
TheMasterofMe – Tom Saenz
thejordanrules – Jordan Julien
stevenwacker – Steven Wacker 
LisiSilveira – Lisi Silveira
HennArtOnline – Henie Reisinger
mpesce – Mark Pesce
bemaph – Ben Phelan
shanea – Shane Anderson
stilgherrian – Stilgherrian
bengrubb – Ben Grubb
pamelafox – pamelafox
pixel8ted – Linda Gehard
erkpod – Erk
dekrazee1 – Rai
kcarruthers – Kate Carruthers
funkycoda – Ajay Ranipeta
pedzel – Pedzel
NickHodge – NickHodge
fictillius – Fictillius
bragi0 – bragi0
GaryPHayes – Gary Hayes
Glebe2037 – Glebe2037
limburger2001 – Patrick
firstdogonmoon – Mr Onthemoon
acatinatree – Cathie McGinn
tweepml – TweepML

What next? Go out and enjoy nature. Nah, just kidding…

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