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07 Oct 11 Time to rethink the Steve Jobs iShrines?

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    I think your assesment of the candle light vigils is right on.The outpouring of grief, shrines, and public expressions of loss for Mr. Jobs reminded me of media reports that came out of the DPRK after the death of Kim Jung-Il. Jobs exerted ruthless dictatorial control over the companies he ran utilizing mass media and propaganda to craft a heroic image, developing a similar cult of personality.
    The resurgence of Apple is almost completely the result of their leading the evolution of computers into consumer electronic devices. The first computer I was exposed to in grade school required much specific knowledge to employ and had a severely limited scope of use. A decade later with my first PC I found the uses expanded and the skill needed to operate it reduced. I appreciate the dumbing down of the iPad: the less time spent learning how to use it, the more I have to expand my knowledge in other arenas. I don’t want to be Mr. Scott- stuck in a Jeffries Tube (G.N.D.N.); I want to boldly go!

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