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22 Jun 09 The New Twitterfeed: a Huge Improvement

twitter rssI was delighted when I first came across Twitterfeed.  The ability to automatically send any RSS feed to twitter as a series of tweets was very appealing to me.  For readers who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, what I mean is that updates to an RSS feed (produced by blog posts or comments for example) can be automatically tweeted by adding feeds to a Twitterfeed account.  However, over time, Twitterfeed seemed to become slower and less reliable.  It seemed that not all rss updates were tweeted and that the time delay between updating the feed and the actual tweet became inordinately long.  I was recently pleased to find that Twitterfeed has revamped it’s site completely.  For those who have been using Twitterfeed in its previous incarnation, don’t worry; all your feeds can easily be transferred to your new account.

I used to use my Technorati open ID to log in to Twitterfeed, as open ID was the only method available.  The revamped Twitterfeed site does not allow you to use your Technorati open ID.  Some open IDs are still available (like Yahoo, Google etc.) and I’m not sure why some services have been removed.  Not to worry; all I had to do was set up a new account using an email address and the option to transfer the feeds I had already set up became available.

The new Twitterfeed is definitely a huge improvement; not only does it tweet more reliably (any updates that had previously missed being tweeted were tweeted when I updated my account) but analytics are now integrated.  The dashboard records RSS items which have been tweeted and the number of clicks received as well as any errors.  Further statistics are available if feeds are sent to Feedburner.

If you like the new Twitterfeed , you might consider following them on twitter.  For those who believe that automated tweets should not be used on Twitter; feel free to stop following me :-p .  Sending links from your blog to Twitter is not necessarily an act of evil spamming.  Without a service like Twitterfeed, you’d just post the links manually, wouldn’t you?  It is even possible that some people might actually be interested in the incredibly informative links I post  ;-)

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    That reminds me, I must update my password there – I had to change it after getting locked out of twitter last week.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..My Imaginary Friends =-.

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    That’ interesting for people who like to update their twitter with their posts frequently. I liked the idea of OpenID by the way.

    On the other hand, yes since you post useful links, even for your blog, it’s not a bid problem since they are useful and don’t worry it’s not spamming at all, Liam :) .-= Hicham´s last blog ..To Tweet or not to Tweet? =-.

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    Thanks for your vote of confidence! There seems to be different schools of thought on this; some seem to think that all interaction on social networks should be strictly personal, but to me, this tends to ignore the fact that part of the appeal of social networks like twtter is connectivity. Not only can you connect to it using an ever increasing range of programs, you can write one yourself. However you deliver meaningful content, it remains meaningful. Spam is another issue altogether.

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