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12 Jul 11 OMG I’m a GPS: 6 degrees of separation

Gillard's stepdaughter poses for 'Zoo Weekly'Some time ago (26th December 2008 to be precise) I published an article entitled “OMG I’m a gay porn star” The article was about the unforeseen consequences of Googling oneself. My search discovered that I share my name with another ‘Liam Alexander’ who is a model on a site called ‘originaleuroboys’; a gay porn service. In the article I wondered if “this Liam is a real person…; quite likely he was dreamed up by two guys fantasizing on the phone”. However, I learned that this Liam is a real person after receiving this comment:

“Liam Alexander the porn star is for real. I was the photographer that did the originaleuroboys.com photoshoot with Liam that is now on originaleuroboys.com. To add the the interest in Liam take a look at our studio website http://www.7bluestudio.com because Liam features on the homepage larger than ever! Ben Willis, Director”

Another unforseen consequence of this post was the large amount of website traffic it generated. Here are some of the search key phrases that hit my site:

norwegian gay porn
gay služby
gay porn stars
life of a porn star
danish gay porn
finnish gay porn

I suppose I should have known that the title of this post was going to attract people searching for gay pornography but was unprepared for the volume.

Further more…

I have been aware for some time that there is yet another Liam Alexander; a professional photographer based in New York. I sometimes get emails obviously intended for him with messages like “great photo shoot on the weekend Liam, hope to catch up soon”. Of course I always dutifully forward the emails to Liam the photographer. His web address http://www.liamalexanderphoto.com/ and mine are similar and people understandably sometimes land on my contact forms rather than his.

Liam the photographer left these comments on the same post:

“ummm… yeah… i’ve noticed this as well… Hahahahahahahahahahah. kudos Liam… you almost out google me when you google me. but not for long… i will soon have the ENTIRE 1st page of GOOOGLE!!”
“PS if your getting any mail for me bro, please fwd it along! cheers! also i am married to your prime ministers “wildchild” daughter in law. Haha”

I Googled this and found that Liam the photographer is in fact married to Staci Child, the heavily tattooed daughter of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard‘s partner Tim Mathieson. Staci Child posed in a series of provocative shots for Zoo Weekly in September 2010.
I think that Liam the photographer’s work has a great deal of artistic merit. His work is innovative and interesting and is quite famous in his own right. Being connected to Julia Gillard confers and even greater claim to fame, yet Liam Alexander the photographer is still to eclipse me. When ‘Liam Alexander’ is entered into Google, results referring to me still fill up the first and second pages of search results.

Compared to Liam the photographer (and Liam the porn star) I am a complete nobody. (I am in fact a complete nobody compared to practically anybody). I outrank other ‘Liams’ on Google etc. because I am relatively active on a range of social media sites and I have put quite a lot of effort into applying SEO principles to my own sites.

I would be the first to admit that Liam the photographer is much more notable than I am and that his content is far superior to mine. If you want to outrank me on Google Liam you really need to apply SEO principles to your site or perhaps hire a specialist.

I am currently available :wink:

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    Wow that is such a good warning! I have googled myself before and found companies with my name in the title, but never a person with such a “wild” background. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading about others with your name- I won’t get confused! :)

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    Perhaps you’re lucky not to have ‘wild’ people sharing your name; wildness makes it all the more difficult to outgoogle them!

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