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04 Oct 11 Mac vs PC: are you as free-thinking as you think?

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The image of ‘Mac’ and ‘PC’ have become one of the most recognisable dichotomies imaginable; PC is unfashionable, old fashioned, straight-laced etc. while Mac is of course creative , cool and free-thinking.  This advertising campaign has been so successful that many involved in creative fields think it impossible to edit images or audio on a PC.  This is of course garbage and has been debated ad nauseam for longer than most of us care to remember.  An operating system is an operating system and most software will work on most systems, regardless of the platform.  If you want to pay twice the price for your system, go for a Mac; it may actually be marginally more reliable and you will of course have the added bonus of thinking how creative , cool and free-thinking you are.  It is of course possible that you are a good less free-thinking than you imagine.

Long before the advent of the iconic Mac vs PC ads, over 90% of the world’s population took to wearing a uniform very similar to the guy on the right.  Running shoes, jeans and T-shirts have become  obligatory for almost everyone.  This kind of outfit makes an undeniably bold fashion statement; I’m not trying too hard, I’m relaxed, I’m being myself, I’m not conforming to outmoded fashion trends.

The problem is of course that most of us are conforming very closely to a fashion trend which may not be outmoded but is undeniably highly unimaginative, non creative and really very boring.

This in itself may not appear to be a problem, but it is evident that this kind of approach to style also tends to affect our thinking in general.  We are all too ready to go with the flow and follow the latest fad, consume the latest viral trend and formulate our opinions based on what the most influential shock jock advocates.  Hey, they’re on TV/radio and everyone else likes them, so they must be right, right?  Based on this way of thinking many can be influenced into politics which directly contravene their own best interests.

It is the guy on the left (PC) who is actually the non conformist.  It takes courage to make a fashion statement that says: I do care how I look, I refuse to wear what almost everyone else is wearing, I think daggy T-shirts and running shoes look incredibly boring and ugly.  He may also have retained the ability to formulate his own opinions and maintain the strength of his convictions.  He may not own the latest smart phone or tablet accessory but is much more likely to actually be able to effectively use whatever technology he does choose, even if this is something as uncool as an old fashioned personal computer.

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