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02 Jun 12 Lingerie football: Y-front football would provide balance

Seattle Mist vs. San Diego Seduction of the Li...

Seattle Mist vs. San Diego Seduction of the Lingerie Football league game, 11Sep09. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Widespread protests have greeted an exhibition match to be played by 32 women from the US Lingerie Football League at Allphones Arena today.  Names like ‘Allphones Arena’  and other venues such as ‘Centrebet Stadium‘ might give you a clue that the single minded pursuit of profit motivates football leagues with little consideration for anything else.  Sporting ideals of fair play and playing for the love of the game have taken a back seat to the rabid hunt for $$$ for some time.  Should we really be surprised that a cynical exercise in promotion such as ‘lingerie football’ is about to take hold in Australia?  Feminists in the 60s and 70s may have burned their bras; women in this century happily wear little else to provide a spectacle for television cameras and provide a boost in ratings.  Germaine Greer would be turning in her grave if she was dead. (more…)

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05 Jul 10 Referees Clowns but FIFA Remains Ring Master #worldcup

2014 FIFA Announcement (Joseph Blatter) 7

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In the aftermath of a succession of what must have been some of the most awful refereeing decisions in football history, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has issued a statement saying that FIFA will re-open the debate on the use of video technology later this year. Well, he had to respond in some way; the poor decisions have been highly embarrassing and have surely compromised what has otherwise been a very entertaining World Cup.  In actual fact, FIFA remains resolutely opposed to introducing any kind of technology.  FIFA has said it wants to maintain ‘the traditions of the game’.  If the current mess is the outcome of staying with tradition, perhaps the tradition of the referee as absolute judge isn’t all it might be.

FIFA’s stubborn stance harks back to a time when people mostly accepted authority almost without exception.  Once a decision has been made, referees obviously feel they have to stick to it whether right or wrong or risk having their authority undermined.  This might have been easy to get around in the past, but with half the world watching on high definition TV, persisting with this position has become untenable and really, completely farcical.


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