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26 Mar 09 Dear Facebook

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    I’ve fairly much given up on facebook and just a few weeks ago I was totally addicted.

    Lord Matt’s last blog post..Vado or Mino

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    Ciekawa stronka, napewno bede teraz wpadal tu czesciej, pozdrawiam

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    Interesujaca strona, napewno bede teraz wpadal tu czesciej, pozdrawiam

    English Translation: “Interesting page, I will surely now come here more often, pozdrawiam”

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    Ciekawy artykul, bede tu teraz wpadal czesciej, pozdrawiam bzerwiusz

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    Ciekawy blog, zatrzymam sie tu na dluzej
    pozdro kxawriusz

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    To be honest I dont use facebook much these days. nice guest post Kate:) whats up liam I dont see you on twitter these days?

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    Unfortunately ‘real’ work has impinged on my twitter time. Hope to catch you soon :-)

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    Thanks Cheth :-) .-= Kate´s last blog ..How Cricket Was Invented =-.

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    Interesujacy post, stronka ladna graficznie, jeszcze tu napewno zajrze
    pozdro lukkolini

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    Fajna stronka, juz jest w moich ulubionych, jeszcze tu napewno zajrze

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    Stronka bardzo interesujaca dla mnie, dodalem do ulubionych, mysle ze bede tu zagladal czesciej

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    Unfortunately, I am now forced to go to Facebook more often. Some of my real friends have joined. Friends who can’t even use a computer. But I agree, some of those friends are a little embarrassing. You can’t remove them without a hurt look either. I like you still Facebook because then my real friends will find my blogs. But those friends who STILL send flowers are so out of fashion. Friends who take quizzes too should be banned.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..More on Twitter =-.

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    Easy read. I’ve seen random information on other sites but didn’t get much out of it. thank you for this post.

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    Extraordinarily good cheers, I think your readers could very well want way more writing like that continue the great hard work.

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    Thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by! :-)

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    Let us not forget that Reagan’s future vp (Bush) and cia chief (Casey) met with the Ayatolla Khomeini behind the back of the then-current Carter administration (treason) and arranged for Iran to keep the American hostages until after the election. In return Iran got, at the very least, a conduit thru which to illegally receive missiles and other armaments–which came to light when traitor Ollie North got busted taking the missile $$$ and giving it to friends in Central America who turned out, naturally enough, to be drug smugglers USA-bound. Ah, the good old days…

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