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27 Jul 10 Ask And Ye Shall Receive: Complain on Twitter

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    […] a previous post on this topic, I related how I experienced dissatisfaction with a company’s services and how I sought […]

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    Even if a part of me understands the good thing about Twitter, I personally think it´s a bit overrated. I mean.. How exciting is it to know what people are doing every tweny second?

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    To those addicted to Twitter (like me), no explanation is necessary. It seems almost impossible to explain the phenomenon to those who don’t get it. I think you really need to experience Twitter to get it, and to get it you need to be quite immersed in it. You really need 1-2 thousand followers to get the real picture. Of course you’re right; reading tweets recounting what someone had for breakfast are very dull, however, most on Twitter use it for more serious purposes such as sharing news and ideas, getting traffic to to websites, promoting products and making money.

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    I can view every page on my Twitter account (settings, profile, find people etc.) except for my home page. How can I fix this? If you don’t know, than how can I send an e-mail to Twitter asking/complaining about this problem?

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    Sometimes the new twitter can be a bit slow to load. Refreshing the page usually works. It may be an intermittent connection issue; check your internet connection and/or contact your ISP. If you feel the problem is with Twitter, just select help on the right of your twitter profile or go to http://support.twitter.com/

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    Great post….

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